Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation is collaborating with social workers to investigate antisemitism as a topic that has, historically, been omitted from the social work curriculum, according to the social work literature. We hope to better explore the degree to which antisemitism is included in the social work curriculum in Canada. We are currently undertaking the following initiates:

A.  Community Petition,

B.  Research Study, and

C.  Facebook Group Specifically for Jews in the Social Work Profession, both     Practitioners and Students

A. Community Petition

Given reports that social work schools, colleges and associations are omitting the study of antisemitism in the context of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (DEI) coursework, workshops and training, this is a moment for the Jewish community to request that social work educators include antisemitism whenever anti-racism training is being taught. We invite you to sign and share this petition.

B. Research Study

Hineni: a Pilot Research Study Which Explores the Experience of Jewish Social Work Students in Canada

Jewish social work students have been reporting many challenges with regards to the politicized academic environment. Now Jewish social work students across Canada can share incidents or circumstances they are confronting in the context of their education, specifically those that relate to the students’ Jewish identity. Students’ experiences will be captured in written surveys, interviews and by providing photos of PowerPoint’s or quotes from relevant course readings.

Researchers will prepare reports for national and provincial social work organizations, relaying incidents, readings and more information without identifying participants or their specific educational institutions. This study is designed to help us understand the experiences of Jewish social work students in Canada.

For more information about this study, follow this link.

To access the research survey for social work students who are willing to participate, click here.

C. Facebook Group for Social Workers, Social Service Workers and Students

Hineni: Jews in Social Work

Interact with others in the field, and stay in touch so you can hear about other CAEF initiatives relating to antisemitism and social work. Keep us posted about what you are experiencing in the field or at your school. Share readings, incidents; get support. Let’s unite! Invite your friends and colleagues to join the group!

To correspond with us, email