Eighty-one years after the Mufti of Jerusalem visited Hitler and asked him to kill all the Jews, Mahmoud Abbas, his current successor as leader of the Palestinian cause, arrived in Berlin.

At a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Abbas refused to apologize for the Munich massacre of Israeli athletes and falsely claimed that Israel had carried out “50 holocausts” against Arab Muslims.

Scholz, Merkel’s successor, said nothing at the joint press conference, but later tepidly condemned the remarks. “I am disgusted by the outrageous remarks made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas,” he tweeted. Why should he be? This is who Abbas is.

After an Arab Muslim recently opened fire at a bus stop and shot a number of Israelis and American tourists, including a pregnant woman who was hit in the stomach, Abbas’s Fatah celebrated the attack, posting on Facebook, “Praise to the rifle muzzles.”

In 1929, years before Hitler took power, the Hebron massacre by the Muslim settler population brutally killed the local Jewish men, women and children, mutilated their bodies and scattered limbs and organs. Every year, the Palestinian Authority honors three of the killers as “martyrs.” One of the PA’s martyrs, Muhammad Jamjoum, confessed to murdering five Jews. Another, Ataa al-Zir, murdered three innocent people back when Hitler could only dream of killing Jews.

The Palestinian cause is the modern standard bearer of the Nazis. The terrorist group whose representative was invited to Berlin has killed more Jews than anyone since the Nazis. And has spent more time lying about it than any ordinary Holocaust denier in Germany.

Abbas earned his doctorate for his Holocaust denial thesis from the USSR’s Patrice Lumumba University, created to train third-world assets for a Communist war on free nations. The KGB reportedly recruited the “Palestinian” terrorist leader, gave him the code name “mole” and put him to work under the man who now serves as Putin’s special representative in the region.

When Abbas wasn’t working for the Communists, he was being inspired by the Nazis. Edy Cohen, an Israeli researcher who wrote a book on Hitler’s Mufti, warned that Abbas’s Holocaust denial thesis was “inspired by and based on the work of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust.” Abbas and Eichmann had both made killing Jews and lying about it their life’s work.

Thirty-one years after the visit by Hitler’s Mufti, Abbas and the Palestinians made their grand bid to replace the Nazis with the Munich Massacre of Israeli Jewish athletes.

The Munich Olympics were meant to show off the new Germany. And they did. German authorities had refused to provide security because it would clash with the country’s image makeover, and so the Muslim terrorists were able to freely operate in the Olympic Village.

The unarmed Israeli coaches and athletes fought the eight armed Muslim terrorists for their lives. Some were killed outright, one was castrated, while others were taken hostage. Germany rejected Israeli pleas to allow them to send a hostage rescue team. Shortly after the massacre was over, it began secret negotiations with the terrorists to cut a deal to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization.

After the massacre, the bodies of deceased terrorists were sent back and buried with full honors. Those terrorists who were arrested were shortly afterward released. The Olympics initially refused to even postpone the games and made no reference to the massacre. It took over 40 years for the Olympics to officially commemorate the dead athletes and coaches.

Abbas was one of the senior officials who planned the massacre and provided the money to carry it out. Scholz decided to hold a joint press conference with a Holocaust denier responsible for the worst post-Holocaust massacre of Jews on German soil. Was he really surprised or disgusted? And will there be any consequences?

As Stephen M. Flatow, an American father whose daughter Alisa was brutally murdered in a bus bombing in Israel, wrote in a recent editorial, “Germany sent the Palestinian Arabs $199 million last year.”

“Let’s not lose sight of the incredible hypocrisy of governments that shed crocodile tears over the Munich massacre, and then send hundreds of millions of dollars to a man who helped perpetrate it,” he writes.

The German representative in Ramallah repeatedly boasts of all the money flowing from Berlin. None of that money will stop. No diplomatic relations will be cut.

In the past few months, Abbas has met with President Joe Biden, France’s Emmanuel Macron and Romania’s Klaus Iohannis – the Islamic terrorist leader was decorated with the “Star of Romania.”

The only country to turn down a visit by Abbas was the Saudi kingdom.

When Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, often accused of antisemitism by the Left, visited Israel in 2018, he “broke protocol” by not scheduling a visit with Abbas. That was a rare exception to the world leaders who have hugged and shaken hands with the terrorist boss.

Biden, Putin and Xi Jinping have all paid tribute to Abbas and to the notion that Israel’s existence on its own land represents some sort of “occupation,” when the only occupation is the one carried on by the Arab Muslim colonists who terrorize Israel’s indigenous Jewish population.

Despite clamoring about the occupation, Abbas promised Xi Jinping to stand with China in its occupation of Hong Kong and the repression of fellow Muslims in Xinjiang. He endorsed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Not surprising for a dictator who was last elected in 2005.

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, an imaginary place that never existed and still doesn’t, claims to represent an equally imaginary Palestinian people. Whom does he actually represent? A poll of the Arab Muslim settlers living in the terrorist-occupied territories in Israel earlier this year revealed that 73% want Abbas to resign and that he would lose any election. So there isn’t going to be an election and the big lie of “Palestine” will keep on going.

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Abbas is a terrorist who doesn’t represent anyone except his armed minions and state sponsors. A “Palestinian” state is as historically legitimate as Islamic State, and its leader is as legitimately in office as was Adolf Hitler. The only thing that the murderous leadership of a fictional terror state have ever given the world is international terrorism.

Despite these indisputable facts, Scholz chose to welcome Abbas. And the rest of the world’s leaders will go on welcoming the Holocaust denier and former KGB agent the way that Berlin once welcomed Hitler’s Mufti. What was once the ugliness of the Nazi regime has become the multinational human rights consensus of the international community.

The Mufti of Jerusalem and Mahmoud Abbas have a simple message. Hitler invited the Mufti of Jerusalem because he agreed with his call to kill the Jews. World leaders continue to invite Abbas over because they agree with his message.

It would be undiplomatic of them to say so. They invite him to say it for them instead.