Israeli security forces launched an anti-terror raid against the “Lion’s Den” terror cell, including a bomb-making factory, early Tuesday. The cell was responsible for several terrorist attacks.

In response to the terrorists’ deaths and the exposure of the factory, Fatah Deputy Chairman Mahmoud Al-Aloul admitted that the Palestinian Authority security forces were fighting alongside terrorists—the Tanzim—against Israel (or, as he put it, “the occupation”), according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch.

He said Israeli soldiers were injured “due to the brave position of the Palestinian security forces” and that all Palestinians, including the P.A. security forces and Fatah’s terror faction, are “one unit.”
“We speak about all the Palestinians. All the Palestinians are one unit. The Security Forces members, the Tanzim, the public, and everyone—one unit in dealing with this occupation,” said Aloul.

P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas created the deputy chairman position, especially for Aloul.