Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 9:51 Honenu reacted to the refusal of the Supreme Court to grant Amiram Ben Uliel an additional hearing: “Chief Justice Esther Hayut, like her friends the champions of human rights, makes a mockery out of the rights of the unfortunate and the despondent and supports the use of torture to elicit confessions from interrogatees, as is done in Third World countries.

“At a time when there is talk of the Supreme Court as a ‘protector of human rights,’ Esther Hayut reminded us how many lies stand behind this statement. When it comes to a Jew with payot and a beard, the court has contempt for him and his rights.

“This morning was a bad morning for the State of Israel, a morning that reminds us all of the low to which the court known as ‘supreme’ has sunk.”