Sweeping embarrassing and painful occurrences under the proverbial carpet is a popular pastime for many.

There is always the possibility that some might throw a cold shower on current politically accepted thinking.

In most cases, this charade succeeds.

When someone comes along and explodes the myths or exposes the smoke and mirrors narrative, the general reaction is usually one of outraged moral indignation. This is subsequently followed by efforts to denigrate, censure or banish the whistleblower concerned.

Interestingly enough, but unsurprisingly, it is those who scream loudest about so-called fascist extremists and purport to represent liberal and progressive defenders of liberty who convulse most convincingly.

Recent events should demonstrate exactly how this reality plays out.

Many Australians have recently celebrated Australia Day, although it seems that a diminishing number are keen to rejoice in the fact that the country was colonized by a racist British Government. Ethnic cleansing of the British lower classes led to the establishment of the country as a penal colony and the decimation of the indigenous population.

New Zealand may not have been a penal colony, but it was also colonized by the same racist British establishment that claimed this far-flung territory for the Crown. A more enlightened Governor realized that it was impossible to defeat the native Maori tribes totally, and therefore a formal treaty was signed in 1840. In exchange for a pledge of loyalty to Queen Victoria, the British colonial authorities granted the Maoris equal civil rights. Whether this was a case of an enlightened policy or a realization that it was impossible to subdue the tribes totally remains a debatable point.

What both these examples, however, illustrate are similarities that should resonate with anybody cognizant of today’s realities.

The common fact is that a great power of the time decided to conquer territory at the other end of the globe and forcibly annex it. This was then followed by a sustained program of settlement with individuals who had no history with the countries concerned. Settlements were established on confiscated land, and thus the colonies developed. Like other empires, the colonial power had neither a historical or internationally legal right to the territories.

I understand that this was the way international affairs were conducted in those days, and Britain, of course, was not the sole guilty party.

Every 6 February, New Zealand celebrates its founding as a colony. Waitangi Day and Australia Day continue to attract controversy. This year a celebratory evening devoted to this anniversary was held in Jerusalem for expatriate Kiwis and others, where nationhood was toasted. Basically speaking, there is nothing wrong with such a get-together, but somehow, it has a somewhat jarring tinge associated with it, especially when the venue is in Israel’s unrecognized Capital.

Think about it for a moment.

Both NZ and Australia refuse to acknowledge our Capital’s status. In addition, New Zealand is the shameful co-sponsor of the notorious UN Resolution 2334, which negates any Jewish connection to our holy city and religious sites.

Just as galling is the assertion that Jews living in places their ancestors inhabited more than millennia ago are criminals and accessories to some sort of violation of “international law.” This is rich coming from countries that themselves are guilty of settling places with which they never had any legal or historical connection.

I am afraid that listening to speeches lauding undying friendship while ignoring inconvenient current policies is too much to take. Knowing that every time a resolution is put forward to condemn Israel at the corrupt UN, New Zealand will either vote with the immoral majority in favour or abstain. Celebrating a fake mateship is not on my agenda.

International hypocrisy may be the name of the game, but it is not one which I wish to embrace.

An example of inconvenient events which some would like to get covered up is the US responses to North Korea and China.

Recently the White House issued this remarkable statement: “We have no hostile intent towards North Korea. We seek serious and sustained diplomacy.”  I can just imagine the convulsions of laughter in the North Korean Capital and also in Tehran at this display of American fortitude to defend its allies from the machinations of both rogue regimes. If anyone is looking for an answer as to how both of these tyrannies have managed to bully and lie their way to nuclear blackmail status, this remarkable admission by the US says it all.

If there are still South Koreans and Taiwanese deluded enough to believe that the US will ride to their rescue in time when North Korea and China decide to strike, they had better quickly wake up.

All they have to do is look at what happened when Chinese spy balloons hovered over the USA for several days. Instead of shooting these hot air balloons out of the sky the minute they were detected in US airspace, they were allowed to meander unmolested. The official excuse was that collateral damage might ensue. This guaranteed that whatever data was being recorded could be safely transmitted back to Beijing. By the time the balloons drifted over the ocean and were finally shot down, the evidence quickly sank to the bottom of the sea.

This dynamic display of self-defence over US airspace no doubt conveyed an important message to the Chinese authorities. If this was the best the Biden Administration could do just imagine how easy it will be when both Taiwan and South Korea become the targets of aggression. By the time the US State Department has exhausted its futile appeals to the United Nations and finished dithering, both countries will be overrun.

Unlike Hitler, who made hollow promises about his territorial ambitions in Europe, both North Korea and China have been upfront about their goals. With this latest farce of the balloons exposed for all to see, there can be no doubt as to the eventual scenarios.

Amazingly, there are still deluded Democrats who prefer to pretend that all is wonderful. It gives a whole new meaning to the expression “trial balloons.”

Diplomacy has its place, but when it demonstrably fails, it is time to praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

The lessons for Israel should be crystal clear.

We cannot rely on fickle friends who profess solidarity and then run for cover when the going gets tough

We must not remain silent in the face of double standards and blatant bias.