Israel – is easy to be proud of and for a variety of very good reasons.

While many of the countries that surround her would like to see her demise….in the long run it would be to their disadvantage – as well as for other countries around the world.

Countries such as Rwanda, India, Mexico, Congo, Chad, Sudan (Darfur) Malawi, and Haiti have benefitted from Israel’s expertise in most difficult times. Additionally, following the devastating earthquakes in Japan, Israel was one of the first countries to send aid.

The list continues…

Israel efforts also included relief to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and her first response aid in the wake of the 2004 tsunami with 60 tons of international aid to Indonesia saved many lives, and 82 tons of relief to Sri Lanka alone. So many countries have benefitted from Israel’s’ unwavering humanitarian assistance to assist others…politics aside.

No other country can dispatch search and rescue teams and field hospitals as fast and effectively as Israel!!!

The efficient, swift Israeli Rescue and Search Team (FIRST) is an Israeli NGO that sends search and rescue teams to disaster zones around the world-never

The media chooses to ignore Israel’s role in helping others, and chooses to pretend that her valuable talents and willingness to help others is discounted.

No other country dispatches search and rescue teams and field hospitals as fast and effectively as Israel. In spite of being ignored, she never wavers from putting humanitarianism first.

Israel is providing medical and search-and-rescue assistance to Turkey & Syria….humanitarian aid after they suffered earthquakes……….

IF quakes caused devastation in Israel…which countries would come to her aid