Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, this evening (Tuesday, 14 February 2023), paid a condolence call on the Paley family at their home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot, where two members of the family – Yaakov, 6, and Asher, 8 – were murdered and another civilian, 20, were intentionally run over by a terrorist. The father of the two murdered children, Avraham Noah Paley, remains hospitalized in serious condition at Hadassah-Ein Kerem Hospital.

The mother of the family, Hannah Devorah Paley, told the Prime Minister and his wife how her two young children were buried, one after the other, and said that they are supported by the people of Israel and that faith is what is sustaining them. The Prime Minister and his wife said that faith helps one to overcome the disaster and added that entire people of Israel embraces them in their sorrow.

When Hannah Devorah showed a picture of the boys, Prime Minister Netanyahu told her: “I would like your permission to put the picture in my office. This tragic story will help me explain to those who would save the world the difference between the people of Israel and our enemies. While our enemies murdered these two souls, our forces were in Türkiye saving lives.”

Family members told the Prime Minister and his wife about the condition of the father of the family, who is still sedated and on a respirator in hospital. The family members asked for prayers for Avraham Noah, the son of Yehudit. The Prime Minister and his wife wished him a swift and complete recovery.

Attached photo credits: Amos Ben-Gershom (GPO)