There is a popular computer game called “bubble shooters” in which the aim is to burst as many bubbles as possible and amass points.

A definition of bursting bubbles is “shattering illusions and delusions.”

Michael Kuttner

These days it seems as though there is a continual downpour of illusory and delusory situations which need to be burst and shot down. As soon as one lot has been demolished, there is a steady stream of yet more mirages descending, all disseminated courtesy of social media and politically correct acolytes.

Here are just a few of the bubbles which need popping.

Free Palestine from the river to the sea is nowadays a favourite mantra of all leftist groupies and those infected with the incurable infection of self-loathing. The bottom line is completely lost in the fog of disinformation spun by the terror groups which initiated this latter-day gospel of jihadism. As propagated, this litany of genocidal intent really means the complete elimination of Israel and the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from the territory concerned.

It is revealing but not surprising that despite the clear and unambiguous intention of this agenda the international community and its corrupted representative organisation (the UN) ignore and by their silence endorse this incitement to hate.

Note the convulsive hysteria which has erupted over the utterances of Israel’s Finance Minister following the vigilante violence against an Arab village from which terrorists murdered two Israeli brothers. Those expressing moral outrage and rushing to condemn the mob are at the same time strangely silent when it comes to the years of murderous intent proclaimed by all our “peace partners.”  The cone of silence continues after every murderous attack by Arabs against Israeli civilians. No demands are issued to eliminate the incitement against Jews forthwith contained in textbooks in UNRWA and PA/Hamas schools.

Progressive leftist Jewish and non-Jewish groups rush to demand that the US Government ban and refuse entry to Israeli Cabinet Ministers whom they deem irredeemably beyond the pale. Anyone who lifts the veil of deceit and exposes the true agenda of murderous intent inculcated by the PA and its fellow travellers is immediately branded as leprous and candidates for ostracism.

The hypocrisy is so blatant, yet nobody dares to query why the President for life, Abbas, is feted every time he visits the UN and is applauded by adoring media and politicians. Here is a man who denigrates and delegitimises Jews, Jewish history and, with a wink and a nod, facilitates rewarding terrorists who murder Israelis. Yet not one person demands that he be banned from the USA or refused an audience with the Pope. On the contrary, he is embraced and lauded as a latter-day saint.

The Romans renamed Judea as Palestine in an effort to eradicate the Jewish connection to the Land. They did the same with Jerusalem. The Ottomans and then the British continued to use this fake name, the latter mainly because they never really intended to fulfil their obligations to grant Jews restoration of their independence. The ironic part is that until after 1967, the Arabs of the Mandate and then Israel refused to be acknowledged as Palestinians. Their subsequent adoption of this Roman designation is a logical extension of the Roman desire to obliterate any Jewish connection. It is really as plain as daylight, but unfortunately, delusional dreamers refuse to recognise the plain facts even when it is flaunted in their face.

Free Palestine is an aim I actually agree with. Let me explain.

The territory from the river to the sea needs to be freed from the grip of the fake Palestinians and their gangster overlords. The long-suffering Arabs who have been exploited and abused for too many years by their corrupt leaders need to be liberated and offered the opportunity to reclaim their Jordanian citizenship. The pipe dream of a “democratic” and “peace-loving” State will remain a mirage because no such thing exists in the Arab world.

Free the Arab refugees languishing in UNRWA camps and indoctrinated with revenge and poisonous hate. Grant them the right to settle in Arab host countries, particularly in Jordan, where they can rename it Palestine without any Hashemite connection. If Jewish refugees from Arab countries can be resettled why can’t Arabs be treated the same?

Free the international community and long-suffering taxpayers from wasting billions in supporting delusions and subsidising a permanent narrative of deceit. Condition all future support on the elimination of hate education and the recognition of a legitimate Jewish presence in their historic homeland.

Will any of these common-sense events occur? Not likely, given the current pathetic state of affairs and prevailing double standards. Claims of secret backdoor deals which entail the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided Capital, Abdullah as the head of a Palestinian State and parts of Judea & Samaria being chopped up are all Purim illusions.

Not an illusion, however, is the intensifying spread of hate against Jews and Israel. Both Purim and Pesach have lessons for us as far as this irrational sickness is concerned. Unfortunately, in today’s woke world, the messages are becoming diffused and diluted, and as a result, increasing numbers of individuals succumb to historical amnesia.

A good example is the story of how the Jews in Persia and its empire were saved from genocidal intentions. It teaches us that we must be proactive as well as be on our guard. At the end of the day, when Haman and his sons were hanged, the Jews still faced the prospect of annihilation because the King’s decree could not be annulled. For that reason, they were given permission to defend themselves and act against those who intended to murder them.

Apparently, this act of self-defence and subsequent retaliatory action is proving too much for many progressive Jews today. In an op-ed, the leader of “Rabbis for Human Rights” in Israel has declared that we should excise this part of the Megillah, presumably because it demonstrates that defending oneself and fighting back doesn’t look good. For revisionist souls these days it is obviously better public relations if Jews meekly accept their fate and let the Jew-haters do their worst.

No doubt, we shall shortly hear from these same sensitive groups that the story of the Exodus from Egypt must be censured to exclude the plagues which were inflicted on the Egyptians. Progressives are no doubt horrified about the last plague in particular, which was the killing of the Egyptian firstborn. In the current climate of political lunacy, I predict that it won’t be long before the UN will pass a resolution condemning this, and when that occurs, you can be assured that there will be plenty of useful idiots who will support it.

An inkling of what can be expected in the near future has already been provided by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He has been back to Iran for the umpteenth time in yet another futile attempt at preventing that regime’s inevitable acquisition of nuclear weapons capability and the means to deliver them. The Agency and democratic countries failed spectacularly to prevent North Korea from doing the same and therefore it is reasonable to assume that the same dismal prospect will loom shortly with Iran.

There is, however, one big difference. Not one nation was prepared to actually thwart North Korea’s ambitions, and even today, while it threatens its neighbours, hot air bubbles of useless validity float forth instead of resolute action. On the other hand, the IAEA and others know for certain that there is one country determined to deny the Mullahs of Tehran the opportunity to carry out their long-standing ambition of annihilating Israel.

It was thus no coincidence that the IAEA head issued a stern warning that “any military attack on a nuclear facility is illegal.” This came after he hailed “constructive meetings in Iran.”

There you have it in a nutshell.

Israel is warned that any action it takes to scuttle Iran’s genocidal ambitions actively will be illegal. One can already predict the wording of the UN resolutions and the outraged reactions when it eventually happens.

If ever there was an urgent need to burst floating bubbles, this is it.

Israelis and Jews fighting back always upset those who are conditioned to believe that the victims should go quietly to their doom.

What these people do not internalise is that after the Shoah, that scenario is no longer viable and acceptable.

Instead of being memorialised and hailed as sacrificial lambs, Israel prefers to be remembered as a nation that fought back.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.