A short explanation on how the judicial reforms in progress will address the anomalies of the Israeli system and bring Israel closer to the rest of the Western democracies


  1. Great short summary, hitting on some of the main problems created by the Court’s seizure of power. I truly have no complaint, though I would suggest one addition. The Court’s seizure was based upon two basic laws Human Dignity and Liberty (1992) and Freedom of Occupation, Profession or Trade (1994). There are multiple high phrase, poorly defined, in those laws, that express more of a hope than a specific duty or right. However, the Court interpreted those phrases to expand its jurisdiciton tremendously. It was Aharon Barak who encouraged the Knesset to pass those laws. The legislators did not realize what they were doing. In essence, Barak sucker punched the Knesset. That’s worth noting, briefly.


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