Now 14 is proud to present a value-based television that has repented of its flag to bring the true news without interests, the values ​​of Judaism, Zionism, Shabbat and the Land of Israel. The channel symbolizes the media correction for the responsible right, after many years of discrimination. On our website and networks you can enjoy a variety of content, such as: the program “Israel this morning” with the media personality Shay Golden, “Riklin and Co” with Shimon Riklin, “Seva” with the political commentator Yaakov Bardugo and the presenter Tal Meir, “The Main Edition” presented by the media woman Maggie Tavibi And with the participation of the channel’s selected reporters and of course the intriguing panel of “The Patriots” with the participation of Yanon Magal, Itamar Fleishman, Irit Linor, Tal Gilboa, Yiki Adamkar, Dror Kapah, Ari Shamai and more.