Americans for Peace Now, The New Israel Fund, The Israel Policy Forum, J Street, the Foundation for Middle East Peace and Rabbis for Human Rights spread a vile rumor that Jews from Judea and Samaria , described by normative media outlets as “settlers” conduct daily pogroms against innocuous Arab families.

This specious news item has reached the ears of the prominent policy makers in the US government and the 27 nations of the European Union.

Lethal attacks on Jews in Judea, Samaria and the rest of Israel go unreported.

Elected leaders of the Jews in Judea and Samaria do not take this seriously.

They do not understand that such news items motivate Jews abroad and even in Israel to conduct vigilante actions against Jews in Israel


  1. Our own president is following in the footsteps of the one whom he served under, doing anything at all to create an end to the conflict, for his own political benefit or legacy, by demanding that Israel make any conceivable concession regardless of the consequences for the Israeli population and for Israel itself. Incredible deceitful. The Palestinians are offering zero concessions, and this is a situation that cannot result in a positive or even a neutral outcome for Israel


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