Note 15 May in your diary because that is the date when all the Israel historic revisionists will be having their annual convulsions.

This “unholy” festival presided over by the patron saints of terror and endorsed by the United Nations proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that Josef Goebbels’ theory of lies, endlessly articulated, is still being accepted as the revealed truth.

I am talking about what is commonly called Nakba Day.

Nakba means catastrophe and is the term misused to describe Israel’s rebirth in 1948 and the events which occurred subsequent to that momentous occasion.

Dressed up and paraded as calamities inflicted on the poor defenceless Arabs by bloodthirsty and ever sinful Jews this annual orgy of slanders has now been anointed as yet another version of the medieval blood libels. Jews should be aware of the lethal consequences of those theological lies.

History has a nasty habit of repeating itself and we can see it clearly as the Nakba libels regurgitate and become accepted gospels. Eagerly embraced by politicians, media, political commentators, international groups and self-loathers alike, this narrative that brands Jews as eternally guilty is now endorsed by academics and universities.

Thanks to past political ineptitude and fear of upsetting the politically correct, we now find ourselves on the back foot and fighting a rearguard battle in trying to explode the gross distortions associated with this event.

It is vital to get one thing straight right from the beginning.

Any catastrophic “nakba” experienced by the latter-day Palestinian Arabs is totally self-inflicted and is as a direct result of their embrace of a leadership whose sole aim was and still remains the destruction of any Jewish sovereignty.

When the UN partition plan was presented in 1947 offering a Jewish and Arab State, it was immediately rejected by the Arab representatives. Although this partition emasculated what was left of the territory after half had been hacked off by the perfidious British and gifted to the Hashemites, Ben Gurion and most of the Jewish leaders believed that something was better than nothing. The San Remo Agreement and the League of Nations had originally legalised Jewish settlement from the Mediterranean to the eastern side of the Jordan River. The urgency to arrive at an agreement was paramount, with concentration camp survivors languishing in internment camps in Cyprus and Germany.

In May 1948, the mandate expired, and Israel’s rebirth was proclaimed. Immediately thereafter, the armies and terror groups of all the surrounding Arab countries, plus several others further afield, attacked with the sole intention of aborting the newly proclaimed nation. The intention to massacre every single Jew was loudly trumpeted and recorded for posterity.

What followed was the direct responsibility of the rejectionist Arab leadership and their brainwashed followers. Neither the Arabs nor the international community gave the Jews any chance of surviving this multi-pronged onslaught. Just as they had washed their hands in the 1930s and during the Shoah of any responsibility for abandoning Jews so they did the same in 1948. Arms embargos were imposed, and hypocritical rhetoric was the order of the day. The Jordanian Army, trained, led and equipped by the British, stood poised to conquer Jerusalem. No doubt, the US State Department and the British Foreign Office were busy composing eulogies for the day after the Arab armies completed their ethnic cleansing.

Much to the horror of those envisaging an easy victory and massacre, the under-equipped and outnumbered Jews not only fought off the attackers but miraculously also managed to inflict a defeat. It took until 1967 for the illegal Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria to be erased.

This outcome, both in 1948 and 1967, is at the core of the Nakba agenda today.

Erased from the historical record is the fact that those whining today are the descendants of those who originally rejected the opportunity to have an Arab State living side by side in peace with a Jewish State. Anyone who listens and reads the Palestinian Arab media and school textbooks will discover that the agenda has not changed one iota.

Also erased and deliberately ignored are the more than 800,000 Jews from Arab countries who were targeted in pogroms, had their properties, businesses and synagogues destroyed and had to flee for their lives.

A gullible international community and fellow travellers have fallen for the revisionist catastrophe narrative whereby all disasters incurred since 1948 are the fault of Israel.

The bottom line conveniently and deliberately ignored is that Nakba Day has now morphed into a denunciation of the fact that Israel was established and that, despite all obstacles has survived and flourished. In other words, the catastrophes all flow from Israel’s continued existence.

Last November, the UN General Assembly, apparently not having anything better to discuss, debated and voted on a resolution that makes Nakba Day an event worthy of UN commemoration. The resolution was adopted with 90 countries voting in favour, 30 against and 47 abstentions.

Australia, to its credit, voted against it, while New Zealand, to its continuing shame, decided to abstain. The message that this conveys is crystal clear. NZ voted in favour of establishing the Jewish State in 1947 but, in 2023, decided that this had been a catastrophic error. In order not to appear too hypocritical, abstaining on something so fundamentally and morally corrupt was obviously deemed to be the best way not to upset either the Jews or those proclaiming the 1947 UN resolution as an original sin.

Make no mistake about this. The intention of the Nakba cheerleaders is to brand Israel’s existence as a catastrophic event and to have this enshrined as an international article of faith.

If anyone still doubts that the inmates have taken over the insane asylum called the UN, they should take note of the unhinged reaction by the PA to the message sent by the EU representative, Ursula von der Leyen, on the occasion of Israel’s 75th Independence Day. In congratulating the country on its amazing achievements, she praised the miracles which had “made the desert bloom.” This seemingly inoffensive and truthful observation merely confirms what most sensible people know to be true. Israel is a world leader in reviving barren deserts and turning them into flourishing oases of fertile cultivation.

However, our eternally touted so-called “peace” partners erupted in a fit of apoplexy over this EU compliment. Furious denunciations issued forth from Ramallah and other bastions of Palestinian Arab political correctness and revisionist havens. The message was condemned as “racist”, which “erases Palestinian history.” Even the normally appeasing and compliant EU was rather taken aback by this insane reaction, although it should be noted that it has not reduced the flow of funds to the corrupt authority. It also has not stopped the EU from actively helping the PA to build structures illegally in Judea and Samaria.

The pattern is clear for anyone who wishes to discern the truth.

The rejectionist groups which brought about their own catastrophes in 1947 are still following the same old script.

The UN, which in its formative years actually instilled some sort of hope for international decency, has now descended into a moral morass where Orwellian groupthink has replaced honest intentions and so-called democracies have been seduced by the lies of the non-democratic majority.

It will be interesting to see which countries actually turn up for the 15 May anti-Israel bash at the UN headquarters.

The fact that it is being held at all is yet another reason to seriously think about the usefulness of actually retaining membership.

If anything can truly be called catastrophic, it is the depths to which this organisation has sunk and taken most of its members down with it.