Quite often, one is faced with a situation so absurd that laughter seems to be the only suitable response.

On closer examination, however, it invariably turns out that the subject concerned is far more serious and warrants a much more robust reaction.

Some people react by dismissing the topic altogether and hoping that by ignoring it, the inconvenient topic or statement will disappear on its own accord. This method of dealing with absurdities is beloved by establishment figures and politicians who do not want to face hard truths. Silence may be golden, but it is suspect because muteness in the face of blatant lies and incitement is merely another form of acquiescence and a refusal to tackle reality.

This past week has been another vintage occasion where the absurd and the fake have taken centre stage and where the responses have been utterly inadequate. In fact, there has been a total non-response to some of the occurrences.

The cold peace with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a classic example of how avoiding inconvenient facts and pretending that nothing is amiss leads to disgusting hypocrisy. This has resulted in the absurd acceptance of Jordanian guardianship of religious freedom for everyone except Jews.

This situation was starkly highlighted once again when members of an Israeli delegation tried visiting the Kingdom. It has been known for quite some time that religious Jews wanting to visit Jordan must divest themselves of any identifiable Jewish apparel, prayer books and items such as a tallit (prayer shawl) and tefillin (phylacteries). Predictably, this massive affront has been conveniently swept under the carpet in order not to upset the authorities in Amman.

According to a report in Israel’s largest circulation newspaper (Israel Hayom), a delegation of Israeli Municipal leaders experienced a humiliating encounter. Trying to enter Jordan via the border crossing in Eilat, the Jordanian border guards ordered them to lift up their shirts so that they could see whether the men were wearing any Jewish garments underneath (tzitzit). Those who were found to be doing so and who were also wearing kippot were refused entry. One member of the delegation described how a border guard took off his kippah and threw it into the trash.

The secular participants who presumably were untainted by any association with Judaism were permitted to enter the country while their religious colleagues were denied and were forced to return to Israel.

There are several aspects of this disgusting event that need to be emphasised and questioned.


  • Why has the Jordanian ambassador not been summoned to the Israel Foreign Ministry and read the riot act?
  • Why has this blatant example of religious and ethnic discrimination not been the subject of a Knesset investigation and debate?
  • Why has the general media, domestic and foreign, buried this scandal?
  • Why are all the usual self-loathers, post and anti-Zionists masquerading as human rights champions remaining silent?
  • Why has the UN failed to convene in emergency session to denounce Jordanian violation of religious freedom?
  • Why did the secular members of the Israeli municipal delegation proceed with their visit in the face of their religious colleagues being refused entry?
  • Why are Israeli Jews still putting up with this hypocritical double standard and continuing to visit Jordan?
  • Why does the Israeli Government perpetuate the myth that Jordan is the guarantor of religious freedom on the Temple Mount when it is blatantly obvious that this claim is an outright lie?

Can you imagine the worldwide uproar if Israel were to confiscate Korans, prayer beads and head coverings from Muslim tourists?

The lack of either domestic or international outrage at Jordan’s actions confirms that when it comes to discrimination against Jews, anything goes. Imagine what would happen if ever the PLO, Hamas and friends had sovereignty in Jerusalem or anywhere else for that matter. That is why most sane Israelis will have nothing to do with giving them the opportunity to do so.

In a recent report in the UK Jewish Chronicle the Palestinian National Council President stated that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims have inhabited Jerusalem for over one and half MILLION years while Jews have only been in the region for six thousand years. According to his logic it followed that Palestine in its entirety belongs to the Palestinians and to nobody else which means that it cannot be shared with anyone.

If ever there was a pronouncement worthy of uncontrolled laughter, this assertion would be a prime candidate for derision.

The problem, however, is that even statements as ludicrous and historically fake as this one become the accepted gospel. Truth and facts do not matter because in this age of social media, the big lies gain traction and authenticity is irrelevant.

Knowledgeable and informed people may very well dismiss these fables and myths as the ranting of fanatical lunatics but the sad fact is that the uninformed and anti-Israel masses will lap it up. In the blink of an eye or more likely as quick as it takes to turn on a smartphone or, these moronic claims will circle the globe.

Amazingly but not surprisingly, it is not just the misinformed masses who fall for this sort of poisonous garbage.

One would logically think that given the almost daily outpouring of incitement and historical fantasies against Israel and its Jewish connection that at least foreign Governments might be prepared to take a stand.

No such luck, however, as the US State Department once again proves.

The US Assistant Deputy Secretary of State declared that “we want to rebuild relationships with the Palestinians.” The Biden Administration has provided nearly one billion dollars in aid to the PA. All this and more in the pipeline, despite the PA rewarding murderers of Israelis and promoting revisionist rubbish.

As if all this was not enough to make one convulse in anger rather than laughter, this following item should take first prize.

It seems that Israel’s Security Minister has decided to put an end to security prisoners (a polite term for incarcerated terrorists) receiving free dental treatment. When I first read this, it seemed unreal. Ordinary hard-working Israelis have to pay out large sums of money in order to receive dental care while jailed terrorists are entitled to have their teeth fixed for free!!

I am now waiting for the expected eruption of outrage from the usual suspects at the horrendous prospect of this benefit being terminated.

One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.