The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that it has formally requested that UNRWA remove a textbook of blatant incitement from the UNRWA school curriculum in the new school curriculum for the forthcoming school year which begins in late August. This is the language of the text:

Murder of Jews is an integral part of the liberation struggle.

Following is the first page of a four-page lesson exalting the female-commander of a terrorist attack against an Israeli civilian bus on Israel’s Coastal Highway in 1978 where over thirty Israelis – men, women and children – were murdered:

“Dalal al-Mughrabi”

Our Palestinian history is replete with many names of martyrs who sacrificed their souls for the homeland, among whom is the martyr Dalal al-Mughrabi who painted with her struggle a picture of challenge and bravery, which has made her memory eternal within our Hearts and minds. The text in front of us talks about one aspect of her struggle journey.”

(Arabic Language, Grade 5, Part 2 (2023) p. 51)