Member of Knesset Limor Son Har-Melech (Otzma Yehudit) today (Tuesday) appealed to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant demanding to cancel the Israeli approval that would allow the United States to transfer weapons and armored vehicles to the Palestinian Authority.

“Over the last day, I was exposed to a series of publications in the foreign and local media that are outrageous, about a new shipment of armored vehicles and modern and advanced weapons equipped with laser targeting markers, which the US transferred to the Palestinian Authority with the approval of the Israeli government,” she wrote.

She further added: “First, we have to wonder how such a step, which has so many meanings and security implications for all the citizens of the country, is not carried out only after a cabinet decision and all members of the government have been informed. Second, these very days we conclude 30 bloody years of the damned Oslo agreements, in which for the first time, a military force of Judean and Samarian Arabs – nicknamed the ‘Palestinian Authority’ – was officially defeated, not long after we with our own hands gave them thousands of weapons and vehicles.”

“The weapons that were provided for the benefit of ‘maintaining public order in areas controlled by the PA’ were directed at the citizens of the State of Israel, and uniformed police officers in PA vehicles carried out a series of murderous attacks one after another. Only after over 1000 victims were murdered and thousands of bloody and severe attacks did the Israeli public face the fact that the Oslo Accords were a terrible mistake that blew up in all of our faces, in the last few weeks, on the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords, the government ministers are being interviewed one by one and rightly condemning the Oslo Accords carried out by the Rabin government at the time.”

“In light of all this, I do not understand how the government with one voice goes against the Oslo agreements, and with the other voice fully embraces Oslo in practice, and in the midst of a wave of murderous terrorism that is sweeping the country and against the background of security alerts for the holiday season, the enemy is awarded modern vehicles and weaponry. Armored personnel carriers and advanced weapons, which will surely be used or directed at us in the coming war, God forbid. This is an act that borders on absolute madness, especially easy when it is carried out by a right-wing government that is aware of the dangers, and warns of them, but it seems that when it comes to it, it does not do enough for stop it.”

“I am hopeful that in your role as Minister of Defense, in which the safety and security of the residents of the State of Israel rests on your shoulders, you will not allow such an action as far as correct publications are concerned. I would like to receive clarifications as soon as possible, and if there is any truth in this matter, I call for the immediate cancellation of the approvals and the stopping of the delivery of the weapons to the PA that may cost the lives of many civilians and IDF soldiers.”

She concluded her words: “If we don’t stop arming the enemy now, we won’t be able to stand by when the day comes and say ‘our hands didn’t shed this blood’.”