Date: Mon, Oct 2, 2023
For Publication: Implement DeNazification on the Road to Peace


Last week, three government officials from the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs met with four  researchers who have spent their careers studying different aspects of the strategic threat posed by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency).

UNRWA oversees 59 refugee camps that comprise more than five million descendants of Arab refugees  relocated by the 1948 war.

What each of the researchers reported to the government was that UNRWA has s educated the next generation to blindly believe in a sacred “right of return” by force of arms to the very homes which they left back in ’48, homes that no longer exist, in villages that have since grown into Israeli cities, collective farms and woodlands.

After the experts had their say, they listened to passionate words of Rabbi Leo Dee, a British-born veteran of Israel peace advocacy, who in his work has

nurtured years of dialogue with Arabs.
The perspective of Rabbi Dee is unique.
On April 7 of this year, three “graduates”of UNRWA school educational system living in the UNRWA Askar refugee camp near Nablus murdered his wife Lucy and two daughters, Rina and Maia, in a drive by shooting on Road 90 in northern Israel.
At the funeral, Rabbi Dee asked aloud what would motivate three young people to conduct such a vile act of murder.

Rabbi Dee heard from generals and policy-makers that it was the fault of Iran which had dispatched killers to murder Jews at random.
Yet Rabbi Dee wondered aloud as he buried his beloved family members as to what was going on in the minds of these killers when they opened fire on his loved ones.
So we dispatched an Arab TV crew to find out.
What Rabbi Dee was shocked to discover was the candor with which the families of the killers spoke as the parents who spoke with pride in their sons’ willingness to kill Jews in order to achieve the right of return to villages that no longer exist.
This summer, our news and research agency dispatched TV crews to film UNRWA summer camps that were devoted to perpetuating a hero’s worship of the youthful Arabs who murdered the Dee family.

Our researchers, who have reviewed more than 1,000 Palestinian Authority texts used in UNRWA schools and produced more than twenty films shot on location in their schools, report that the “right of return by force of arms” has evolved into theme of UNRWA “education.”, instead of the PEACE BEGINS HERE, the theme of UN Education since the birth of the UN in 1945.
So far, no media outlet in Israel will publicize the message that UNRWA and the PA praise the cold-blooded murder of the family of Rabbi Dee, at a time when PA law allocates a salary or life for anyone who kills a Jew, or a salary for the family of the killer is the perpetrator becomes a “Shahid ” martyr.
Conclusion: in order to see peace in the next generation, Israel will have to insist on a policy of “Denazification” to cope with the lethal consequences of this bloodthirsty PLO curriculum that was introduced to a whole new generation on August 1, 2000.

That PLO curriculum is taught in tandem with the 1964 PLO charter, never canceled, and the Jihad declaration of total war by the Arab League against the nascent state of Israel. still in effect today, despite peace treaties with Jordan and with Egypt, and talk of normalization with Saudi Arabia, king pin of the Arab League.
While new Saudi texts respect for Jews and Judaism, yet allow Jihad against the state of Israel to continue in the schools.
Pay attention to e scholar Dr. Arnon Groiss, who has examined more than 1,000 texts of the PA used by UNRWA over the last 24 years, who warned officials of the Israel ministry of strategic affairs of the threat posed by UNRWA education,and, by extent, of Saudi education
• Palestinian Authority schoolbooks used by UNRWA feature three fundamentals, each of which stands in sharp contrast to the values of the United Nations:
1. Delegitimization of Israel’s existence and the Jews’ very presence in the country, which includes denial of their history and the existence of any Jewish holy places there.
2. Demonization of both Israel and Jews, with implications regarding the Jews’ image in the eyes of children who hail from a traditional society.
3. Incitement and the absence of a call for peace with Israel. Instead, there is a call for a violent struggle for the liberation of the whole count
By no coincidence, Saudi Arabia remains the seventh leading funder of the 1.6 billion dollar UNRWA budget, while UNRWA allocates 58% of its budget to such “education”