As a secondary witness to the atrocities that transpired on October 7th, I recount the horrors of the massacres.

We are now on the 11th day of conflict in Gaza, under Hamas control, a continuation of the brutal events that unfolded in Israeli communities along the Gaza border.

ZAKA, the emergency response and rescue team, broadcasted the first live accounts of Israeli civilians on an international platform in English, French, and Spanish.

Over 60 reporters from major global media networks were invited to hear from eyewitnesses directly. They narrated their experiences unfiltered, detailing how Hamas terrorists executed these massacres. The acts of violence included torturing children and infants, and sexually assaulting women before they were either shot execution-style or burned alive. It was also revealed that maps and detailed plans were discovered at some of the sites.

The testimonials I heard were described as “worse than the Holocaust”. Matt Frei from Channel 4 News stated: “It was the most difficult thing I have ever heard in my entire journalistic career”.

I take pride in having contributed to bringing this tragic historical event to light for hundreds of millions of viewers and readers worldwide. I bore witness to the horror that descended upon my people. However, it wasn’t just them who suffered. This atrocity affected individuals from 43 different nationalities, including Muslim-Palestinian Arabs.

A global campaign is already underway to deny and downplay these crimes against humanity. Some attribute these acts to the war in Gaza, where Hamas intentionally uses its civilian population as human shields. This constitutes a double war crime and epitomizes evil.

The day I became a secondary witness to the October 7th Hamas massacres will forever be etched in my memory.




Noam Bedein

International Authorities Coordinator at the #BringThemHomeNOW headquarters