Join a war time effort to counter indiscretions of Haaretz English
A source of confusion and hostility about Israel – especially during a time of war- lies with the English edition of Haaretz
Academia, Foreign press, Diplomatic corps and Jewish organizations rely on the English edition of HaAretz
War time is the time to  respond to the English edition of Haaretz

Seeking volunteers to form task force: Follow and respond to indisctretions in the English edition of Haaretz
Plan of action
Forming HaAretz English Language Study Group
1. Asking help to comb through HaAretz English and look for indiscretions
2. Asking help to communicate indiscretions of HaAretz English
  to foreign press, diplomatic corps and Jewish organizations.
3. Asking help to communicate with editors & advertisers of HaAretz
4. Asking help to consider legal action against HaAretz.