Dear Friends,

I was walking home today in midtown Manhattan and, to my horror, there was a brightly lit up truck declaring “NYC for the Palestinians, Israel must be stopped”.  This started me thinking – we need to start believing what various Palestinian entities are saying rather than take our usual “stop killing” attitude.  And we need to react to save ourselves and our children.  So here is the shortest email I will ever write about this war:

Hamas says they will keep Israel fighting forever; they will never relent and never stop killing Jews.

“Palestine will be free from the River to the Sea” is a declaration by Palestinians and their sympathizers of the War of Return.   The Palestinians including, I presume, Hamas will take all the land currently inhabited by Israeli Jews.  The implication is that all the Jews will be dead.  There is a song sung in second grade in UNRWA schools that declares the remnants of the war of Return will be drowned in the Sea.  Over 6.5 million Jews live in Israel.  The result of the River to the Sea plan will result in more dead Jews than those killed in the Holocaust.

These two points are all you need to know to understand why Israel must keep fighting and we, the USA, must keep supporting the Israelis.

Am Yisrael Chai

Joan Lurie