November 16, 2023
The Jerusalem Association of Journalists (JAJ) calls on the International federation of Journalists (IFJ) to cease being a propaganda tool for the Hamas terrorist organization and the Palestinian Journalists Association, amid false accusations that Israel is targeting journalists operating in the Gaza war zone.
Based on their recent statements, it can be concluded that the IFJ, together with the Palestinian Journalists Association, are blaming Israel for the death of 33 reporters and journalistic staff who were covering the Gaza war, and demanding an investigation over the circumstances, while, at the same time, pointing the finger of blame at Israel.

It is sad to witness an international journalist organization ignoring a basic rule of journalism: to avoid turning the press into a propaganda tool for one side, during this battle against the terror group Hamas, whose total lack of moral scruples is crystal clear for all to see. Without any investigation and without any checking of the facts, the IFJ condemned Israel, but this is hardly surprising based on previous IFJ behavior.

In the past the JAJ has participated in international conferences hosted by the IFJ. We even proposed setting up a hot line for use by Israeli and Palestinian journalists who are in difficulty in the field – an initiative that never got off the ground due to Palestinian non participation.
We are not members of the IFJ and will not participate in future events. Recent anti-Israel statements from the IFJ are further proof that the organization has turned into a propaganda tool and vindicates our stand.
Furthermore, we condemn the fact that the IFJ ignores the restrictions Hamas imposes on journalists and the way the terror group blocks freedom of expression for the residents of Gaza.

מכתב לפדרציה הבינלאומית של איגודי העיתונאים IFJ 16.11.23 (1)