Eliminating those who plot and carry out acts of terror against Israelis and Jews inevitably brings out a myriad collection of closet haters.

They may have previously been in hibernation but as soon as there is a serious fight back by Israel against pogroms and murders many miraculously suddenly rediscover their hitherto suppressed frustrated fury. Others, who have previously joined in the leftist, green or anti-Zionist crusades now find that condemning and sanctioning Israel is the flavour of the month.

This frenzy of frenetic Israel bashing is aided and abetted by a mendacious media, propelled virally by social media and fuelled by an insatiable insanity not seen since the heady days of the fascist and Nazi years. Back then, enormous rallies, marches and mob hysteria were almost daily occurrences. These mind-boggling events rapidly spilled over into universities, academia and professional groups. All of them, without exception, became infected with the same virulent virus and we all know where that eventually led.

Although there were far too many Jews who did not wake up until it was too late, there were virtually none who actually joined in the hate fests. The few who did were either baptized or deluded into believing that by turning against their own people, they would be spared any sort of terrible fate. It was only when they arrived at Auschwitz and other death camps that a belated truth dawned, but of course, by that time, they were doomed to share the same fate as their rejected co-religionists.

One would have imagined, given everything which has happened prior to and subsequent to the Shoah, that the lessons of history might have been learnt.

Looking at the events unfolding, unfortunately it seems that instead of learning the lessons of the recent past, the same scenarios are being enacted.

Disagreeing with what Israel may or may not do is perfectly acceptable.

However, when it descends into blind and baseless accusations followed up by joining those spouting slogans denying the Jewish State’s legitimacy, then valid criticism descends into disgusting and disgraceful deceit. That is precisely the situation we face today.

Many are appalled at the antics of university students and faculty alike as they display their virulent animosity to Israel and Jewish students. If these so-called “educated” groups represent future leaders and decision-makers, the outlook for Jews and, indeed, anyone promoting democratic values is bleak. The mass mobs currently shouting slogans against Jews and Israel are following in the footsteps of those who participated in Nazi rallies. The repetitive mantras of hate screaming forth from frenzied fools have the same aims. They demonise, delegitimise and prepare the ground for subsequent physical violence.

The worst aspect of these rallies, marches and demonstrations is the active participation by small groups claiming some sort of Jewish connection. This is something unheard of in the 1930s. It represents the sad and pitiful state of affairs which we face at present. There are three main types of self-appointed haters.

The first consists of the tiny sects of so-called religious Jews who believe that Israel has no right to exist until the arrival of the Messianic age. One could say that even if these people are misguided their right to believe should be respected and tolerated. However, when they travel to Iran and pledge their support for the destruction of Israel they have crossed a red line. Likewise, when they join hands with the mobs baying for Israel’s demise and cheer terror outrages by supporting Hamas and friends, they cut themselves off from the Jewish People.

The second category of flagellators consists of individuals who usually have no religious connection to Judaism. The few that may have a tenuous affiliation delight in spouting slogans which are more akin to other faiths such as turning the other cheek and Israel being born in original sin.

For the vast majority of secular Jews who get into bed with the Israel haters, the hallucinations of the far left and a compulsive rejection of the right of Jews to rebuild their sovereign nation take primary preference. Their abiding belief that displaying their anti-Zionist credentials will guarantee them an eternal place in the hearts of the haters is all the motivation they need. Also surfacing are some who claim 2nd or 3rd generation descent from Holocaust survivors which in their eyes all of a sudden gives them an infallible right to smear Israel. They themselves may not have hitherto had anything to do with the organised Jewish community but the chance to demonise Jews defending themselves is too good an opportunity to miss.

It goes without saying that the anti-Israel media embraces these individuals. After all, highlighting that the Zionists are behaving like Nazis is just what the masses want to hear. Showing that there are Jews, no matter how minute in number, who are only too willing to stand with terror supporters is a media dream. Waving placards stating “not in our name” and “Jews support Gaza” apparently give a seal of approval to any rally.

The third group consists of those Jews who, all of a sudden, have lost their voice and remain mute in the face of this tsunami of hate. In some situations, it is understandable why heads are kept below the parapet. After all, when one is surrounded by hordes screaming for blood and you are the only person who knows the truth you are hardly likely to shout it from the rooftops. When fear of losing the love of colleagues or peers is a consequence it is debatable whether refusing to stand alongside murdered Israelis will grant any sort of immunity from retribution.

What is one supposed to make of a famously named person who remains silent in the face of the worst atrocity against Jews since the Shoah? It is now more than a month after the Hamas pogrom, and Steven Spielberg has not uttered a word in public. His silence is so inexplicable that even Holocaust survivors have written to him requesting that he condemn the 7 October murders and kidnappings. Even this plea elicited no response, and apparently, a spokesperson has said that none would be forthcoming.

Groups of lawyers, medical workers, academics and other professionals are being asked to sign petitions condemning Israel and, in effect, supporting the actions of Hamas and its willing accomplices. Signing these worthless pieces of paper may make one feel virtuous, but they certainly do not make you a fully paid-up member of the Jewish People. In fact some of these petitions circulated by leftist Jewish groups make a point of stressing that the signees are “unaffiliated” Jews.

How many of these “concerned Jews” have marched carrying placards and banners proclaiming “Jews for Yazidis”, “Jews for Uyghurs”, “Jews for Kurds”, or “Jews for free Tibet?” My guess is very few if any. However, when it comes to siding with the murderers of Jews in Israel, they miraculously appear, purporting to represent Judaic values hitherto non-existent in their lives.

Anyone attuned to the real agenda of Hamas and its groupies should by now have realised that eliminating a Jewish presence “from the river to the sea” is the real goal. Yet despite daily pronouncements of this final solution by officials of the corrupt PA in Ramallah, virtually all of the international community still hallucinates that Abbas and his gang of willing helpers are peaceniks. It’s bad enough when UN members trot out this falsehood but it is a thousand times worse when Jews fall for this confidence trick. It is not as though the evidence is not clear enough. As recorded by PMW, here is the latest sample of what we can expect if Israel was ever stupid enough to agree to a PA role in Gaza and the establishment of a terror state in our midst.

Abbas’ advisor:

  • Israel and US are carrying out a “satanical plan” that won’t stop with Gaza and Hamas
  • Israel wants to take over Arab world: “If Palestine falls, next in line will be Arab and Muslim capitals.”
  • Israel is “the American arm in the region… preventing Arab world from progress.”
  • US support for Israel against Hamas is “to protect the project of the Americans, Europeans, and old and new colonialism.”

Fatah officials:

  • “The Zionist movement has never hesitated making a pact, even with Satan… to eliminate the Palestinian people”
  • Israel’s response to Hamas’ terror war is “foreign colonialism’s plan” to “deport Palestinians” to neighbouring states

Official PA daily columnist:

  • US and Britain created Israel “to resolve the Jewish problem,” “to ensure their interests,” and to “harm” the Arabs.


Progressive groups in the UK issued a statement supporting a two-state solution as the only long-term end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that will not involve untold bloodshed. This incredible flight of lunacy was supported by the Jewish Labour Movement, the anti-occupation group Yachad and (surprise, surprise) the New Israel Fund.

There is much more that can be said about Jews who choose to ignore the writings on the wall but prefer to side with the mobs now demonstrating worldwide.

For the moment, the politest description one can use is totally disconnected.