The longer it takes to finish off Hamas, the greater the opportunity for all and sundry to weigh in with gratuitous advice and demands.

In past efforts to decimate terror groups, the job was always only half done. International pressure and domestically generated delusionary policies ensured that after a short burst of military activity, a halt would be announced with politicians announcing that “peace” and deterrence had been restored. Anyone who warned that this was an illusion was howled down as a warmonger

This kowtowing to political correctness has brought us to the current sorry state of affairs. Now that the expected avalanche of admonitions has arrived, it will be interesting to see whether Israeli policymakers have finally woken up to what really needs to be done or whether the woke folk will once again manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

A consistent feature of all the rhetoric from near and far is a total amnesia about past failures and an almost religious fervour in advocating action, which, if acted upon, would, without doubt, lead to a catastrophic future.

Demanding that Israel and Jews commit collective suicide is always the preferred option of the haters and self-loathing fellow travellers. When so-called friends and those who call themselves allies also peddle demands that would lead to the same result, we have to stand up and tell them “dayenu” – enough already.

The Hamas Charter makes it abundantly clear that Jews have no right to exist in their ancient homeland or anywhere else for that matter. In this respect, their master plan is as unambiguous as Mein Kampf was for the Nazi Aryan master race. Unfortunately, in both cases, these early warning signals were deliberately ignored and dismissed as works of fiction.

Just as those complicit in Nazi genocide were allowed to escape justice at the end of the war, so today’s Hamas genocidal enablers are expecting to escape being held responsible. Efraim Zuroff, the world-famous Nazi hunter for over 40 years who is still relentlessly pursuing the few remaining perpetrators, has stated that there can be no statute of limitations for such individuals. His determined solo efforts to expose and bring to justice those who have managed to evade responsibility all these years should be an example for today’s leaders. No matter how long it takes the campaign to make sure that Hamas murderers and their accomplices, wherever they may be hiding, must be a top priority.

The rest of the world lost interest very rapidly in punishing the Nazi murderers. The same sick thinking prevails today. We dare not again succumb to the same warped appeasement of terror.

Examples of asinine and crass advice abound.

Biden and other US officials maintain that a “revitalized” Palestinian Authority should take over Gaza once the IDF leaves. This recipe for disaster is also repeated by the EU and some other so-called experts. Even worse is the fact that this nonsensical idea has been touted by none other than the Israeli opposition leader, Yair Lapid. Failing yet again to recognize that Abbas, the PA/PLO and friends are just another version of Hamas, albeit with suits and ties, proves that idiocy knows no bounds. Agreeing to this suicidal notion is the default position of those who refuse to recognize reality even when it hits them head-on.

What happened to all the international aid poured into Gaza previously?

It was used to build the infrastructure for terror against Israel. This self-evident fact somehow escapes the attention of all those who now demand more of the same. The US has asserted that “it will watch future aid to Gaza very carefully.” This guarantee is so farcical, especially when one knows that there is no possibility of it ever happening. Just look at how successful that has been with North Korea, where failed monitoring has facilitated that country’s acquisition of nuclear blackmail capabilities. It is the identical worthless promise that enables Iran to cheat and lie its way to the same nuclear status. Despite these clear examples, Israel is expected to facilitate similar aid to a corrupt and deceitful collection of unreformed gangsters.

What exactly is a “revitalized” PA?

The daily outpouring of incitement and hate against Israel & Jews by PA officials and media should clear up that mystery. The PA Prime Minister and the Secretary General of Fatah Central Committee (the so-called “moderates”) leave no doubt. They both claim that Hamas is an integral part of Palestinian Arab society and that the “attack” was a defensive war against Israel. Are these “revitalized” people designated as suitable candidates for peace, democracy and human rights?

In a recent interview, a New Zealand Green MP boldly asserted that “the conflict started seventy-five years ago when 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homeland.” This bald-faced lie was, of course, not challenged by the interviewer. Failure to point out that the “conflict” predated 1948, Arabs left because their own leaders told them to do so and an equal number or more Jews were expelled from Arab/Islamic countries merely contributed to the gross distortion of the truth. That is the sort of systemic ignorance that has now become part and parcel of current discourse.

Following the results of the recent Argentinean elections, the woke left has exploded in self-righteous indignation and fury. The incoming President is a self-declared supporter of Israel and intends to visit the country even before his inauguration to show his solidarity. He has infuriated the UK Foreign Ministry by alluding to the Malvinas, otherwise known as the “occupied” Falkland Islands. Spitting verbal tacks, the British Foreign Office declared that the Islands’ sovereignty is not up for debate. What a perfect example of hypocrisy. A group of Islands in the Atlantic forcibly seized from Argentina by the British is not up for discussion. However, the historical homeland of the Jews is deemed illegally occupied and disputed and a prime candidate for carving up and handing over to groups dedicated to its elimination.

One cannot make up this nonsense, yet this is promoted as the two-state solution.

The BBC’s international editor, Jeremy Bowen, claimed a few weeks ago that Israel was responsible for bombing a Gaza hospital. This libellous report has, of course, since been disproved. One would think that the gentleman concerned might have issued an abject apology for this claim, which went viral. No such luck. This week he admitted that he had got it “wrong” but didn’t regret his error. In any normal situation, his employer, the BBC, should censure or even dispense with his services. No such move has taken place, which once more highlights the BBC’s double standards and duplicitous behaviour. Emphasizing the depths to which this once standard bearer of UK news has sunk is the fact that the BBC instructed its employees not to attend or take part in the mass march against antisemitism that took place in London. Apparently, attending mass gatherings against Israel is acceptable.

The winner of the recent elections in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, has already caused convulsions among the politically correct crowd in the EU. His staunch support for Israel is naturally a mark of shame which will be held against him for all time. He has already caused a storm of indignation by suggesting that Jordan is in fact Palestine. Over 70% of the Kingdom’s population is already Palestinian Arab. He therefore postulated that this is where the rest of those who describe themselves as Palestinians should move to. His reasoning is that Judea and Samaria are part and parcel of historical Jewish sovereignty. Needless to say this eminently logical fact has initiated a tsunami of frenzied and frenetic fury.

Denouncing this blasphemous idea were terror groups headed by Hamas, joined by the apoplectic Jordanians, sundry Arab/Islamic nations and of course the irredeemable UN. These genocidal Jew haters complained that Wilders was guilty of breaking international law. His response was instantaneous. He expressed his incredulity that Hamas was actually an advocate for any sort of international law and followed his tweet with a picture of a clown.

Do these recent developments mean that at long last some sort of sanity is making an appearance in international affairs as far as Israel is concerned?

Unfortunately, because the seeds of denial and selective amnesia are so embedded, it will take more than the sprouting of a few shoots of sanity to dispel the warped policies of the majority.

Three further examples of the insanity we face should suffice to illustrate the situation.

The oldest Israeli hostage, an 84-year-old woman, was released to her family in a critical health situation but is now slowly recovering. She was fighting for her life in hospital because she was denied the medications she so critically needed. According to her daughter, the International Red Cross was presented with the medications but they refused to accept them. Rejecting pleas for help in passing them on to Hamas and by not visiting and checking up on the other hostages, the Red Cross once again demonstrated its utter contempt for Jewish lives. Just as this organization failed Jews during the Shoah years so it continues to shamefully ignore the plight of Jewish victims today.

It has been reported that President Biden, in a meeting with American Islamic leaders, offered his abject apologies for having previously doubted the veracity of the number of Gazans killed and injured. This breast beating confession in effect means that each and every outrageous lie emanating from terrorist sources must be unconditionally accepted as the pure truth.

Last but by no means least, the Irish Prime Minister asserted that a nine-year-old Israeli/Irish girl kidnapped by Hamas had been “lost but now she was found.” One could be charitable and assume that the PM was so befuddled by too much Guinness that he got confused with the lyrics of Amazing Grace. Unfortunately, it is more a case of Irish enmity towards Israel and Jews and a stark example of not wanting to upset those engaged in terror.

The torrent of asinine and crass comments keeps heading our way.