Warning flags on Australian and New Zealand beaches are intended to prevent individuals from endangering their lives.

Ignoring these signals often proves fatal.

Surveying the many bright red political flags currently flapping internationally and the large number of individuals and groups pretending that nothing is amiss, it is not difficult to surmise exactly in what disastrous direction the international community is heading.

Add in the phenomenon of those who revile victims or potential victims for trying to do something to avert calamitous chaos and you have a perfect recipe for impending fatal results.

Take, for example, the cries of distress every time someone points out that Abbas and his coterie of corrupt comrades are neither partners for peace nor even remotely interested in acknowledging Jewish legitimacy. One would think that given all the available evidence linking them to terror and incitement, the international community and our own delusional deniers might wake up to reality. One has only to read and listen to the daily outpouring of bile emanating from Ramallah to realise their true agenda.

If ever these “doves” were to achieve their proclaimed goal of “Palestine from the river to the sea” the elimination of Jewish sovereignty will have been well and truly fulfilled.

The PA had cancelled Christmas.

Now they have cancelled New Year.

A “day of rage” replaced these two holidays, according to a proclamation from Abbas. This is a meaningless gesture because for the PA, every day is one of rage, terror, murder and mayhem. 

Where are our political leaders amidst all these red flags?

Silent or muted, no doubt fearful of upsetting Biden & Blinken and provoking a Democratic Party already slowly but steadily drifting ever further into the murky realms of leftist progressive lunacy.

Last week, I pointed out that the so-called maritime coalition purportedly established to deal with Houthi/Iranian terror piracy was likely to turn out to be another desert mirage. So far this seems to be borne out as twelve out of the twenty nations touted to be part of this force have dropped out. From reports, it appears that the defectors’ excuses range from “not wanting to appear pro-Israel” and “being fearful of themselves becoming targets of Houthi attacks.”

This exhibition of collective moral collapse in the face of naked maritime piracy and aggression must be music to the ears of the Mullahs in Tehran. Shooting down a few drones and missiles will not deter the terrorists. A reluctance to tackle the real source of the terror will be noted and this in turn will embolden them to undertake further and more lethal action. This maritime armada may very well prove to be another US-led fiasco thanks to fickle allies and a hopelessly confused lack of will in Washington. Could it be a rerun of the 1967 scenario? We will soon find out.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, two countries one would think might be critical components of a pirate-busting fleet, have announced their “disinterest” in participating. This is yet another perfect example of Churchill’s observation that those who avoid confronting the crocodiles will end up being among the first to be eaten by them.

As the USA withdraws one of its warships from the Mediterranean, Iran sends one of its vessels into the Red Sea. Coincidence or is this a sign of things to come?

Once again, the red flags are clearly visible, but nobody wants to take any effective action.

It has been apparent for quite some time that certain nations that were assumed to be “friends” are, in actual fact, faking it.

Russia has reverted to its historical default position of supporting Islamic fanaticsThe end result is the same whether it is sanction busting by supplying Iran with the means to target Israel, championing the Iranians at the UN or ignoring gross human rights crimes. Pogroms in Russia may not yet have become official policy but the warning flags are out there. The old virus of hate is percolating away under the surface and will become full-blown again once Israel becomes officially demonised or economic problems prevail.

China, which never used to have a Jewish “problem” but nevertheless was the patron saint of Arab delegitimisation of Israel, has in recent years ostensibly been “our friend”. Economic advantages outweighed outdated political dogmas. Recently, however, the old “anti-colonialist” bug has re-infected them, and they have rejoined the anti-Israel brigade at the UN. Judaism is still not a “recognised” faith in China, and whiffs of the old Jew hate can be detected. The irony is glaringly obvious of Communist China persecuting its Uyghur Muslim minority while at the same time supporting jihadist terror against Israel.

The day is rapidly approaching when a Hamas-like invasion of Taiwan will take place – all the signs are plainly in sight.

North Korea has never been a friend of Israel, and its malign influence can be easily discerned by its wholehearted support of Islamic terror. Chinese and North Korean weapons have found their way to terror groups and no doubt Iran is also benefitting from their expertise.

South Africa is another perfect example of how a failed regime diverts attention from its own mismanagement by blaming the Jewish State for each and every sin known to humanity. Its latest attempt at vilifying Israel involves getting the International Criminal Court to find Israel guilty of genocide in Gaza. Like the old blood libels and well-poisoning lies of not so long ago, the South African accusations have already found a willing audience among the ignorant and brainwashed masses.

There are many devout South African Christians who can see through the deceitful rhetoric and policies of their Government. As in many other countries, however, the growing influence of the jihadists will overwhelm them.

It is reported that in Nigeria, on Christmas Day, more than one hundred Christians were massacred by Islamist fanatics. The silence from world Church leaders and the general media has been notable.

The Irish Government has shown its true colours by enthusiastically joining the Israel-bashing brigade. I have just finished reading a book where an Irish Roman Catholic prelate describes something called the “Irish ‘flu.” His explanation for this affliction is that those infected “have had their brains go on holiday while their mouths keep moving.” I suppose this could account for the Irish inability to make a distinction between Islamic terror perpetrators and Israeli victims.

President Macron of France stated that “fighting terrorism does not mean flattening Gaza.” So far, he has not been able to explain how else to destroy the terror tunnels that exist under every house, school, clinic, hospital and Mosque. It is obviously much easier to offer unsolicited advice instead of dealing with France’s incubated tsunami of Jew hate. The French record of delivering up its Jewish citizens and refugees to Nazi terror is not exactly a paradigm of moral superiority.

Jewish communities in countries where anti-Israel and anti-Jewish mobs are now rampant are increasingly at risk.

Warning flags are there for a good reason. Failure to heed the message will cause too many Jews to be once again caught unprepared as the tide of hate overwhelms them.