The US- UNRWA accord, signed by the US and UNRWA on July 14th, 2021was one of the most positive and constructive initiatives of US Middle East Foreign Policy US-UNRWA-Accord-reached-on-July-14th-2021-1.pdf

For the first time, a major donor nation set conditions to fund UNRWAThe conditions were such that UNRWA could gain access to hundreds of millions of US aid dollars only after UNRWA would agree to delete its war education curriculum. Our news and research agency went through process and asked the UNRWAspokeswoman if UNRWA would change its currricum. “Absolutely not” saidthe UNRWA spokesperson. As a result, the US-UNRWA accord was enforced, to the letter of thelawSince UNRWA would not delete its curriculum and not a penny of allocatedUS aid flowed to UNRWA for the past two years.

This US-UNRWA accord was enforced, . Last week, as Israel searches its way for policies to implement after the Gaza war, I was invited to testify about the US-UNRWAaccord at the Knesset parliamentary committee for security andfoeign affairs. After I completed testimony, a rep. of the Israel Ministry of ForeignAffairs informed Knesset members that the US Congress has tol Israel that the US would no longer abide by the US-UNRWAaccord. In other words, the US now allows funds to flow to UNRWA, withnoconstraints.
A new era of Unrwa incitement is now at hand.