Justice when it applies to Israel and Jews has a completely different connotation to that applicable for the rest of the world.

This has been dramatically demonstrated in The Hague in recent days.

The indictment against Israel had nothing to do with justice and everything to do with a pre-ordained political agenda. As previously noted, the judges of the International Court of Justice are political appointments and therefore based on normal United Nations scenarios, Israel is deemed guilty even before the trial commenced.

Following the two days of advocacy and awaiting an interim decision many “experts” and commentators expressed an expectation that South Africa’s spurious allegations would be tossed out.

This was always a hopelessly naïve thinking adopted by individuals who thought that the lies and slanders recycled by Hamas’s surrogates in Pretoria would be kicked out of court. Anyone cognizant of the UN’s track record and the international community’s double standards could see what a sham was about to be enacted. Unfortunately, those infected with HHS otherwise known as “hyper hallucinatory syndrome” refused to see that “the Lord High Executioner” was waiting in the wings.

Some gullible commentators have waxed ecstatically that because the Court did not demand an immediate cessation of hostilities, Israel has scored a significant victory. In actual fact the Court’s decisions have given a green light to all those who promote the worst slanders against Israel.

In other words the copious amount of mud which South Africa and Hamas have thrown at Israel will, thanks to the ICJ ruling, now stick and be used to bludgeon it in every way possible. Today’s versions will be endlessly recycled just like the well poisoning and blood libel accusations of the Middle Ages.

As a result of the ICJ saying that “South Africa’s accusation of genocide has plausibility” the scene is set for casting Israel as a pariah nation with all the ramifications that this entails. By ruling that the lie of genocide may have some sort of validity, Hamas and its South African cheer leaders have achieved their major aim. Compelling Israel to submit a monthly report of “good behaviour” and proof of non genocidal activity immediately proves in the eyes of the haters that in fact something sinister is being covered up.

Despite the conclusive proof Israel’s representatives provided at The Hague that the real genocidal perpetrators are Hamas and their willing helpers, the Court minimized its significance. South Africa in its frenzy to stigmatize the Jewish State ignored the kidnapped hostages and the rockets launched at Israeli civilians over the years. It glossed over the music festival pogrom as though this was just a minor occurrence.

In one of its outlandish claims, South Africa asserted that by mentioning Amalek the Israeli Prime Minister was supporting genocidal intent towards Palestinians. Incredibly, the ICJ quoted this absurdity in the course of its interim judgment about genocide plausibility by Israel. Ironically, on the following Shabbat the Torah portion included the episode of the Amalekite unprovoked attack against the Israelites as they traversed the desert on the way to the Promised Land.

Yes, we are commanded to remember what the Amalekites did to our People and how the descendants of these Hebrew/Jew haters rise up in every generation to do the same. Defending ourselves against such types and ensuring that they cannot complete their genocidal ambitions is something that Israelis take seriously. Obviously the ICJ justices believe we should turn the other cheek and roll over.

The Court as constituted is a political creature of the UN. Its judges are appointed by the UN General Assembly and the Security Council. Proof that judicial independence is not a requirement for the job is provided in this week’s statement issued by the Ugandan Government. The Ugandan judge was the only one on the 17 member panel to vote against all six measures ordering Israel to take action to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza. She was also only one of two judges to oppose the Court’s assertion that some Israeli actions may violate the Genocide Convention. (The other was Justice Barak of Israel).

The Ugandan Government has now denounced its country’s representative and said that her dissent does not represent the Government’s stance. It added that Uganda supported the position of the Non Aligned Movement on the conflict.

This reaction and response encapsulates exactly where this court is coming from. It also explains why it did not throw out South Africa’s spurious allegations and why the court will continue to threaten punitive sanctions in the future. Now that the genocide “plausibility” suggestion has been planted, the media frenzy targeting Israel’s supposed guilt is in full swing. It takes the heat off North Korea, Russia, China and Iran where real crimes against human rights are occurring.

It also sets the scene for protest groups in vacillating democracies to apply pressure against Israel. That is the poisonous outcome of this whole sordid exercise.

Meanwhile UNRWA finally finds itself in the hot seat.

Despite many years of warnings from NGO’s which have investigated the corruption of this UN appointed Arab Palestinian refugee agency, false expectations and denial of the truth have allowed it to literally get away with murder. Examples of hate inciting textbooks used in UNRWA schools and children’s summer camps where youngsters have been taught how to murder Jews have all been ignored and dismissed. Perpetuation of permanent refugee status and promises of returning to “occupied Palestine” together with kowtowing to terrorist groups were all ignored by the international community which continued to pour millions of dollars into bottomless pockets.

The 7 October massacre finally exposed UNRWA’s culpability in being a silent partner to the terror groups controlling Gaza.

The revelation that Gaza’s terror tunnels are larger than the whole London underground raises the inevitable question as to why UNRWA and other UN agencies working in Gaza did not blow the whistle at any stage. The tunnel networks obviously took years to construct and their development was enabled by the millions of international aid filched and diverted by Hamas and its allies. Answers will need to be provided from Israeli officials who must have known about this but who preferred instead to facilitate Qatari cash infusions which supposedly were going to buy peace.

Revelations that these terror tunnels exist beneath UNRWA schools, hospitals, mosques and private homes makes one wonder as to what UN employees heard, saw and approved. UNRWA, when asked this question they replied that they “had seen nothing.” This response of course is as inane as that of those people living near extermination camps, who after the war also “saw and knew nothing.”  It is this blatant aura of denial which has characterized UNRWA and UN activities in Gaza for decades.

The 7 October massacre finally exposed the cynical cover ups. Israel has now provided donor nations with irrefutable proof of UNRWA employees’ participation in the murder, rape and kidnapping of Israeli civilians. Faced with this evidence donor nations have now suspended aid. Note the use of the word “suspension” because herein lies a convenient loop hole. What is needed is an independent investigation of UNRWA’a activities with a view to closing it down.

Instead, the UN and UNRWA itself intend to look into the matter which is as useful as getting a burglar to investigate his own misdemeanors. The predictable outcome will be offending bodies giving themselves a clean bill of health which in turn will give a green light for donor nations to resume the flow of dollars. All will be forgiven and whitewashed and it will be business as usual. Already the US Administration has announced that UNRWA’s “important work must continue.” Having restored funding after it was stopped by President Trump, the Biden Administration facilitated, directly and indirectly, the building of the Gaza terror infrastructure. Now, having temporarily suspended aid the US is in effect preparing the ground for its resumption again.

The farce of international double speak continues.

False expectations will no doubt once again prevail and the ground prepared for the next disaster unless Israel and the rapidly diminishing number of democracies finally take a determined moral stand.