The imminent advent of Ramadan will herald the annual orgy of anarchy, violence and vitriol.

According to Wikipedia, Ramadan is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community.

While that holds true for faithful followers, recent years have seen this religious festival hijacked by an increasing number of Islamic jihadist extremists. There has been a steady and incremental ratcheting up of terror attacks during this month-long period. The trail of murdered and maimed “infidels” has grown progressively and has encompassed most continents. It should also be noted that in many cases, innocent Muslims have fallen victim to this rampage of unadulterated hate.

It is convenient for apologists to try and excuse this annual orgy of terror by blaming Israel for its spread. However, the stark plain truth is that the murder of Christians in African countries and elsewhere has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with the current sick appeasement of violence.

The unwillingness of democratic political leaders to face up to these threats and instead hide behind accusations of “Islamophobia” guarantees that the Ramadan rampages will succeed.

The deafening silence of Islamic “moderates” and interfaith groups in not denouncing the hijacking of this religious observance also contributes to its unimpeded stampede towards murderous mayhem.

If the current threats and bombastic pronouncements of Islamic leaders are to be believed, then this year’s observances will possibly be the deadliest on record. As the brother of a kidnapped hostage told a Knesset committee – “Ramadan is the month to murder Jews – not a holy time.”

That is the sad reality we face.

Hamas leaders and associated terror groups have already made their agenda plain. Their clarion calls for holy war against Israel over the Temple Mount is a clear and unambiguous rallying cry. This exhortation to subvert a religious observance and weaponise it against Jews and anyone who might support them leaves no doubt as to its deadly intentions.

The question which must be asked, therefore, is where are the denunciations by lay and religious leaders of all faiths? Furthermore, where are the politicians who normally need no prompting to denounce each and every act that Israel takes to protect its citizens?

What steps are being taken to monitor those who spread Ramadan-sanctioned violent rhetoric in mosques and Islamic schools?

Those who have already urged their followers to indulge in terror are known. Have they been sanctioned and banned and if not why not? What are political leaders waiting for? When the inevitable murder and mayhem ensues, there will be much hypocritical wringing of hands and protestations of pious pomposity. A Miami Imam recently stated that “after Israel, it will be time for jihadists to deal with Europe and the USA.” Where is the uproar over this clear intent to fan terror?

Where are religious leaders? Has anyone heard a denunciation of Ramadan rampages from the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury or the World Council of Churches? How many interfaith groups prefer to look the other way and pretend that the jihadists are really only an insignificant bunch of lunatics? Most importantly, how many Muslim clerics and leaders of Islamic organisations are brave enough to denounce the terrorists or do they prefer to blame Jews and Israel for existing in the first place?

Also missing in action are most Jewish lay and religious leaders. Issuing fuzzy and pareve statements in the hope that it will not attract any criticism is no way to combat calls for Ramadan riots.

The failure to deal with past and impending threats can be seen on the streets of major cities, in universities and in many other areas of daily life. Venues are cancelled because of intimidation and mobs incite Jewish students with calls to expel then from universities. This is an identical rerun of how the Nazi mobs acted against Jews in Germany and elsewhere in Europe during the lead-in to the Shoah.

Israelis who have been invited to speak at international conferences and seminars are suddenly disinvited because of mob intimidation. Jewish speakers on university campuses are threatened and meetings cancelled. Jews in London are scared to leave their homes and attend synagogues on Shabbat because of rampaging demonstrators shouting murderous slogans.

Authorities appear weak and powerless In the face of these manifestations of mob rule and clear intentions to cause physical harm to Jews. They instead prefer to resort to appeasement and an apparent acquiescence to hateful anti-Jewish/Israel actions. In most cases, they take their lead from the double-speaking political establishment.

In the midst of all this display of disgusting duplicity, we are faced with ever more examples of unbelievable imbecility.

Russia has hosted a grand assembly of Islamic terror groups with the stated aim of having them unite into one entity under the umbrella of the internationally anointed peace doves in Ramallah. Presumably, if this were to eventuate the UN and the left would ecstatically embrace them as apostles of a new Middle East. No doubt the USA, Australia, NZ and Canada would also welcome it as proof of a “revitalised” Palestinian Authority and expect Israel to instantly give its kosher seal of approval. The prospect of the UN embracing such a collection of terror facilitators is so “treif” that no kosher seal of approval could ever be given by any self-respecting Israeli Government.

Meanwhile, the Eurovision saga schleps on to its inevitable farcical conclusion.

Having had its two songs banned because the lyrics were deemed unacceptably “political”, Israel is now trying to come up with something sufficiently woke“Politically unacceptable” is all in the eyes of the organisers who, in this case, refuse to accept any mention, no matter how obliquely, of hostages and kidnapped Israelis. One could argue that faced with this shameful sham, Israel should tell the competition officials that, in the circumstances, it would not take part in what promises to be a hate fest in Malmo. As this is precisely what the haters and boycotters desire, in fact, there is no need to hand them a victory on a plate. Therefore, Israel will most likely take part with some sort of emasculated entry in place of the original songs.

It is already a foregone conclusion that Israel’s participation will generate mob violence in Malmo with threats to participants. If Israel surmounts this challenge and is not excluded by Swedish authorities terrified of jihadist terror, the prospects of audience disruptions are high. There is no way that Israel’s entry will win, let alone reach a respectable place, because the voting is politically stacked against it. In normal circumstances, this obviously biased gang-like ambush would be denounced for what it really is. However, given the current state of international moral cowardice, one can expect exultations of joy from terror supporters and the usual muted or silent non-response from democratic nations.

A classic example of the dilemmas faced by targeted Jewish communities is provided by the forthcoming general elections in South Africa scheduled for the end of May.

The current ANC Government is, for all intents and purposes, an overseas branch of Hamas. Its embrace of the evil Nazi-like ideology of this terror group has negatively impacted South African Jews, most of whom are staunch supporters of Israel. In a desperate attempt at damage control, the South African Jewish leadership has issued an urgent appeal to eligible expatriates living in Australia to exercise their vote. Whether they do or not, their participation will most probably not affect the eventual outcome. If, in the likely event that despite corruption and total mismanagement, the ANC and their allies succeed in retaining power, the repercussions for the Jews will be even more negative.

The writing has been on the wall now for some time and these elections will merely accelerate the inevitable. There is really only one course of action still available. That is for the Jews of South Africa to vote with their feet and get out while they still safely can do so.

Faced with imminent tumultuous turmoil, Israel and Jews around the world must face reality and prepare accordingly.

Forewarned is forearmed.