When the leader of the so-called “free world” wobbles and succumbs to appalling appeasement, international bullies and terrorists rejoice.

Thus, it has always been in the past and especially now.

When Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany after Dunkirk, the appeasers in the USA and at home in the UK demanded that Churchill capitulate and make a deal with the Third Reich. President Roosevelt wavered in the face of the isolationists and the elite donors who supported the Democratic Party. Any thought of saving Jews was furthest from his mind and for a time it seemed that abandoning the British was likely.

There were some tough conversations between the UK & USA leaders until somewhat surreptitiously and belatedly, a secret deal for lend-lease was consummated. In return for some second-hand and clapped-out warships, the US Administration forced a desperate Britain to surrender some of its naval bases around the world.

It was only after Imperial Japan launched the attack on Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941 that the US entered the war. By then, of course, the Blitz had killed countless innocent UK civilians. Thanks to Churchill’s inspired leadership and British courage in the face of Nazi terror the fight against international terror started very slowly to turn around.

Back in the 1930’s Roosevelt kowtowed to vested interests which included segregationists, business tycoons doing business with Nazi Germany and associates of Jew haters. Charles Lindbergh and the Republicans were no better. US Jews were terrified to challenge FDR and thus there was no meaningful opposition.

Fast forward to today and the unfolding scenario is eerily similar.

I thought about these historical events as today’s American President displayed duplicitous diplomacy against a so-called “friend and ally,” Israel.

In 1948, the US State Department lobbied against any Jewish declaration of sovereignty and did everything it could to thwart it. President Harry Truman overruled this decision which was most probably the last occasion that an American President put principles before electoral considerations. Despite this display of support the Administration instituted an arms embargo thus hampering the newly independent State from defending itself.

Today’s White House incumbent has shamefully embraced the long-standing State Department animosity towards Jews and IsraelHe has enabled the Iranian terror regime to arrive at nuclear threshold capability and by unfreezing frozen funds has oiled Iranian funding of surrogate terror groups. The Houthis continue to run amok and carry out unrestrained piracy on the high seas.

Even an Iranian offer to provide full scholarships at Iranian universities to any students expelled by US universities elicited no meaningful response from an Administration entirely focused on appeasing potential ballot box supporters.

Apologists are quick to point out that Biden “supported” Israel’s initial response to the Hamas pogrom but that burst of initial support only lasted until faced with progressive leftist outrage. The ugly spectacle of university madness and mayhem supported by the unhinged members of the Democratic Party has infected a totally ignorant younger generation and Jew haters alike. No amount of political double-speak on Yom Hashoah can disguise a lack of will to tackle this effectively.

What we face instead is a concerted effort to abort Israel’s campaign to destroy Hamas.

Israel faces a de facto ban on weapons and ammunition to the IDF and clear threats to intensify this unless Israel complies with unilateral dictates. Attorneys from the State Department have signed a letter demanding a cut in aid to Israel. Senators, Sanders and Schumer have enthusiastically supported Biden and Blinken’s threats which only once again proves that in every generation we are faced with disaffected and disconnected Jews.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory seems to be the US preferred option which Israel is expected to meekly comply with.

In recent days there have been reports that the US will “reveal where Sinwar is hiding and the location of secret tunnels on the condition that Israel ceases its Rafah campaign”. Despite denials there is plenty of suspicion that the reports are accurate. If they are, it marks a new low in relationships and trust.

The prospect of mass defections in November by Muslim voters and disaffected youth has sent shivers down the collective and collapsed backbones of those in the White House. This should be a warning signal for genetic Jewish Democrat voters. Will they, like their pre-war compatriots in Europe, prefer to shut their eyes, hold their noses and pretend that it will all blow over? Only time will tell. The omens do not look promising.

Meanwhile, some universities in the USA and UK have already surrendered to mob intimidation and violence. In the absence of a firm Government determination to exact accountability, the bullies and haters are confident that they can prevail in their efforts to ostracize Jewish students and faculty, boycott Israel and proclaim Hamas as the liberators of all “oppressed” peoples.

A few other examples of capitulation in the face of mass fake information and intimidation came to light this past week.

The UN General Assembly is, as we all know, a perfect breeding ground for the wildest and most outrageous assertions concerning Israel. That is why whenever the corrupt Palestinian Authority or one of its partners proposes any resolution it is sure to pass with a lopsided majority. At present, the PA has observer status with limited rights of voting, representation on committees and the ability to vote on resolutions. Vatican City is a similar observer member.

The PA/PLO/Fatah triumvirate, with the willing assistance of Islamic UN members, has managed to have a resolution passed that grants them voting rights and the status of a Member State. The fact that Palestine is a fictitious entity and does not fulfill the minimum requirements of membership is obviously irrelevant in an assembly where lies are paraded as truths. According to the UN founding charter, “membership is open to all peace loving States that accept their obligations in that document and are able and willing to carry them out.” Based on these clear criteria, not only is the terror-supporting PA ineligible for membership, but so are a myriad of other members.

The UN, by ignoring the requirements of its own charter, proves that it has lost any moral reason to exist in its current form. It’s a pity that the democracies refuse to do anything about it.

It is painfully obvious that a large number of political leaders still do not understand the realities that Israel faces. Whether it is because of genuine ignorance or a desire to placate particular electoral interests the fact remains that they pontificate nosense.

Take the example of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, who recently stated that “Israel and Hamas need to get around a table and put peace in this process.”  He obviously has still not discovered that Hamas is a terror organization whose charter explicitly calls for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel. The fact that it kidnaps and holds men, women and children hostage seems to have escaped his attention. When a Prime Minister can burble such nonsense is it any wonder that the terror facilitators of this world rub their hands in glee and feel vindicated to carry on with their murderous agenda?

Australia and New Zealand joined the morally degenerative majority at the UN in voting to elevate the PA to full membership. The Australian Labour Party has rolled back many of the previous Government’s policies. Now it is reported that the Liberal Party intends, if it gets back into power, to once again recognize WEST Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. While the current non-recognition of our Capital is a craven piece of capitulation, the suggested alternative is not much better.

What the Liberals are saying is that half of Jerusalem is legitimately a part of the Jewish State but that the other half is on the chopping block for the capital of “Palestine.” The fact that the “other half” contains the Old City, the Kotel and the Temple Mount and is an integral part of a united city under Jewish sovereignty since the time of King David somehow escapes those who are eager to capitulate in the face of revisionist history and Islamic terror.

Capitulators in Washington and elsewhere insist that Hamas and others of its ilk cannot be defeated by force and, therefore, Israel must throw in the towel and “negotiate.”

Churchill was asked after Dunkirk what his policy was going to be. Wouldn’t it be better to negotiate with Hitler and arrive at some accommodation?

His response was unequivocal.

“My policy is total victory against the forces of evil facing us.”

Israel’s response to a morally corrupt international community must be the same.