As the President of Israel, you envision an era of “normalization” with Saudi Arabia That would sit well with Israel.

However, “normalization” does not exist in law or diplomacy.

Saudi Arabia, kingpin of the Arab League of Nations, has led an active state of war on Zionism since the first day of Israel’s creation in 1948, in accordance with the charter of the Arab League of Nations, which promotes the liquidation of the Jews in Palestine.

The same goes for the Saudi proxy, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the PLO, which in 1964 issued a charter for the annihilation of the Jews of Palestine, a charter which was supposed to have been cancelled at the outset of the Middle East peace process in 1993 – but was not.

In the normalization, will you ask the Saudis to take the following steps?

  1. Cancellation of the state of war with Israel
  2. Directing Saudi-funded UNRWA education to encourage peace education by removing Palestinian texts and teachers who continue to preach war against Jews. The PA schools feature a 4thgrade textbook dedicated to the legacy of Dalal Al-Mughrabi, a woman terrorist who commandeered a bus and murdered more than 30 passengers, including 13 children.
  3. Removal the PA war curriculum

  1. Directing Saudi funds for UNRWA to settle descendants of Arab refugees from the 1948 war, who now dwell in 59 “temporary” UN refugee camps under the pretense of the “right of return” to a pre-1948 that no longer exists. At this point in time, the Palestinian Authority instils in the minds of every child that their only future lies in villages which were left in 1948.

  1. Demanding the repeal of the PA law which provides a salary for life for anyone who murders a Jew. This is a legalized incentive to murder.

  1. Will the Saudis ask the PA to remove new PA maps which obliterate Israel? A policy of normalization would present UN maps which portray all UN members in good standing, including Israel.

  1. Will Saudi aid to Middle East Studies programs at universities around the world now require the removal of curricula which denies the Jewish connection to the land of Israel?

In short, do you believe that Saudi normalization must remove the vestiges of war from Saudi policy?

*Since 1987, David Bedein has directed the Israel Resource News Agency and the Nahum Bedein  Center for Near East Policy Research. He is the author of Genesis of the Palestinian Authority and Roadblock to Peace: How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict: UNSRWA Policies Reconsidered.

 The office of President Herzog confirms  the receipt of this letter and promises a response. After the President of Israel indeed responds, this letter and his response will be published in a major publication.