There comes a time when in the face of unremitting enmity, silence is no longer a viable option.

As we face a tsunami of hate and delegitimisation not seen since pre-World WarII times, the necessity to speak out has never been more urgent.

At times like this, one discovers who is likely to stand on the side of truth and is prepared to face the consequences of their actions. Individual decisions such as whether to shrink into the undergrowth or stand tall can split families and communities.

The same goes for countries and, in particular, Israel at this fraught period in its history.

There has always been a conflict between those advocating a quiet diplomatic response and those wanting to respond in a much more robust manner. In the early days of the State this was epitomized by the more restrained and reserved advocacy of Moshe Sharett, Israel’s first Foreign Minister as opposed to David Ben Gurion, the more outspoken Prime Minister.

In his speech given after an attack by Arab terrorists in the early 1950’s, Ben Gurion spoke up loud and clear concerning the United Nations and its failure to tackle anti-Israel hate. His refusal to remain silent in the face of international hypocrisy should be a lesson for today’s leadership.

“As a member of the Jewish people I say: With all due respect to the institutions of the United Nations and its members, until Isaiah’s prophecy that ‘nation shall not lift up sword against nation’ is fulfilled, and as long as our neighbours plot to destroy us, we won’t have security unless it’s through our own strength…There is no nation more fervent than us in following the principles laid down in the foundation of the UN – but the UN whose success and authority  we wish for is currently only an ideal. And the Security Council acts out of bias and glaring discrimination…in our region, acts of murder and sabotage, robbery and trespassing by our neighbours are becoming more and more frequent, and we must put an end to it – even if no one else wants to or is able to do so.” 

These home truths articulated by a lifelong member of the socialist movement, if uttered today, would be savaged by the leftist lemmings who have morphed into haters of all Jews and Zionists.

Since that time, the UN and its associated bodies have sunk to even lower depths of moral depravity. In fact, the rot is so endemic that it needs more than speeches of diplomatic reproof.

When the Secretary General can blithely add Israel to a blacklist of child human rights abusers together with Hamas then you know that silence is no longer an option.

When the UN General Assembly, UN Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court can label Israel a pariah and thereby unleash worldwide venom against Jews, it is obvious that something more than restrained rhetoric is called for.

When the UN-appointed officials tasked with “investigating” UNRWA staff culpability with Hamas terror activities produce a report that exonerates them from any wrongdoing and issues a whitewashing clean bill of health, one should expect howls of outrage. Instead you have the New Zealand Foreign Minister welcoming this confirmation of UNRWA “neutrality” and announcing a resumption of aid. The fact that NZ taxpayers’ money will end up in schools hosting weapons and terror tunnels and where children are taught to murder Israelis is seemingly irrelevant.

At the recent G7 meeting, it was decreed that “UNRWA must operate unhindered in Gaza.” In simple English, this declaration means that it must be business as usual, with Hamas working hand in glove together with the UN agency. No peep of protest has been heard against this appalling appeasement.

The time has well and truly arrived when something more than futile verbal acrobatics against UN obsessions with Israel is called for.

Suspending participation or even quitting this totally failed body should be seriously considered. Banning UN officials from the country would be a good start.

The French have always shown their true colours when it comes to Jews and Israel. With the numbers of residents from Middle Eastern countries now constituting sizeable numbers in many cities the consequent rise in Jew and Israel hate has become serious. Add in the local homegrown haters of the left and right, and you have a toxic mix of threatening French Jewish communities with violent intimidation. In true French appeasement mode Israeli companies were banned from participating in a trade fair and even individual Israelis were shunned from attending. This has now been overturned by a court decision but the message and original intent is unambiguous.

As Hezbollah attacks Israel and Lebanon is on the verge of being dragged into a confrontation the French propose a “get together” in order to defuse matters. Rather than confronting the source of the evil the French Government, like the Americans, prefers Israel engage in a meaningless and futile exercise. In a desperate attempt to save the forthcoming Olympic Games from terrorist attacks the French authorities have suggested an Olympic truce in Ukraine and the Middle East.

It seems that surrendering is preferable to confronting evil. It is a scenario very familiar to French political leaders. Following the recent unrest in New Caledonia why is the international community silent over the occupation of that territory and the refusal of the French Government to grant freedom to its indigenous inhabitants? Why are Jews declared illegal for living in Judea and Jerusalem while real colonial settlers occupy a remote territory far away from France?

At a far-left conference in Berlin hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, an Arab member of the Israeli Knesset let the cat of the bag when she declared that “Hamas is part of the Palestinian People.”  According to NGO Monitor this extreme left foundation received Euros 79.8 million in 2020 from the German Government.

Where is the outcry over this funding of terror supporters and the admission that the rapists and murderers of Hamas are part and parcel of Palestinian Arab society? An overwhelming majority of Arabs in a recent poll deny that the atrocities of 7 October even took place.

The senseless and shameful silence on the part of all those who know the truth is disgusting. Instead of daily condemnations we are faced with muted mumbling or complete indifference.

The tendency to avoid hard facts and instead indulge in fictitious fake woke flights of fancy has been developed into a fine art.

Take the example of none other than the President of the United States as indicative of how truth becomes inverted in true Orwellian fashion.

Speaking on the occasion of the Islamic commemoration of Eid Ul Adha the current incumbent of the White House uttered these memorable words: “we renew our commitment to values that unite us – compassionempathy and mutual respect – which are both American and Islamic.”  

At the same time, he once again reiterated that “the only way to achieve lasting peace is via acceptance of his ceasefire plan.”

These two delusionary declarations had hardly been articulated when Hamas issued the following response:  “we will continue terrorism until we reach Jerusalem – Jihad until the destruction of Israel.”

Mein Kampf clearly foretold what was intended and the world remained indifferent and silent.

Today’s successors of the 1930’s Jew haters have also detailed their objectives.

Something more drastic than senseless and shameful silence is urgently required.