Film made a year before Trump cut off UNRWA

Where do YOUR tax dollars go? PROOF! U.N. Schools teach Jihadi TERROR WorldWide! An R$E Production 2017. Featuring - David Bedein, Dr. Anthony Harper, Paul Calvert, Reporter for Cross Rhythms Christian Radio

Video of the Nov. 27 session of “The Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Reform”

"The Knesset Lobby to Reform UNRWA" held its second session on Monday, Nov. 27, at the Jerusalem Hall in the Knesset, chaired by MK Sharren Haskel, who has taken the leadership to demand full...

Bedein on ILVTV : One billion dollars in UNRWA donations missing

David Bedein, Director Of Israel Resource News Agency speaking at ILTV Studio about how the Palestinian aid agency claims destitution while collecting nearly $1 billion.

‘Trump was furious when he learned what UNRWA, PA were doing’

David Bedein, the head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the late Arizona Senator John McCain, who passed away on Saturday after a year-long battle with brain cancer, and of the...

Interview on ILTV – David Bedein, CEO, Center for Near East Policy Research

David Bedein, CEO, Center for Near East Policy Research speaking at ILTV studio about the speculation that the Trump Administration may reject the Palestinian 'right of return.'

UNRWA Uprising – English Version

UNRWA Uprising - English from David Bedein on Vimeo.

The Legacy of UNRWA – English