New Films Shot on location at the UNRWA refugee camp in Shuafat in Jerusalem

UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos English from David Bedein on Vimeo. UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos Hebrew from David Bedein on Vimeo.

Euestion raised about UNRWA at White House Press Conference

Dr. Harper White House Press Question To General Kelly October 12, 2017 regarding U.S. tax dollars to UNESCO and UNRWA that have an anti semetic agenda. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israel leaders...

Busted: 60 Years of Unrwa Corruption Exposed

  An interview and a documentary with David Bedien featuring an Arab narrator from Gaza who describes the ongoing corruption and hate insitement  of UNRWA schools.

The Legacy of UNRWA – English

David Bedein talks about the presence of antisemitic teachers and curriculum at Palestinian UNRWA... A program of ISGAP, The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism.

Leyonhjelm and Abetz challenge UNRWA funding

Australian foreign aid is being used to fund terrorism in the Middle East.


UNRWA to agenda ONZ pomagająca uchodźcom, ale tylko palestyńskim uchodźcom. Jej fundusze to dwie trzecie środków przeznaczonych dla wszystkich innych uchodźców na całym świecie. UNRWA prowadzi szkoły, w których uczy się nienawiści, w których...

New film-clip: “Stop Child Abuse: UNRWA Prepares Child Soldiers for War”

With a new US Administration in the saddle, the time has come for constituents of the biggest donor nation to UNRWA – the US - to ask that the funds allocated to UNRWA be...