On 2 July, the Palestinian Preventative Security Service (PSS) arrested Dr. Fathi Ahmed Subuh. Dr. Subuh is the head of the Department of Education at al Azhar University in Gaza and the Director of the Educational Center in Tuffah.

PSS officers came to Dr. Subuh’s house at 6:30 am, produced an arrest warrant, and took him to the PSS interrogation center at Tel Howa. He has not been allowed visits from his family since his arrest and there has been some confusion as to the reasons for his incarceration.

Hebcom’s Political Correspondent, Amit Lesham, has received information through her contacts within the P.A. that the professor has been charged with collaborating with the Israelis.

Dr. Subuh, is 44 years old, married and has three children. He is the head of the “People to People program” for the Gaza area. In this capacity he has attended dialogues with members of the ” Abraham foundation”. Most recently he met with Gush Etzion Settler Myron Joshua at a discussion group sponsored by the foundation. Mr. Joshua was shocked and concerned when he learned of Dr. Subuh’s detention.

In her report that Ms. Lesham filed with Hebcom she points out that Dr. Subuh is also working in cooperation with Mr. Eddy Kaufman of the Geneva Foundation.

Reportedly the issue of collaboration came to a head when Dr. Subuh indiscreetly asked two questions on his final exams: 1. What were the problems with administrative corruption within al Azhar University, and, 2. A question on the corruption within the Palestinian Authority.

Within hours Dr. Subuh joined the hundreds of innocent Palestinians who have disappeared into the Palestinian Authority Gulag.

UPDATE: 22nd October 1997

To this date Dr. Subuh has not been released from the Gulag. According to sources within the Palestinian Authority, the Doctor has been subjected to both physical and mental torture.


Please do not let this man be forgotten.

Call or fax the Palestinian Authority at:

President Yasser Arafat (972) (7) 822365/6
Justice Minister Freih Abu Medein (972) (7) 822236
Deputy Attorney General Mazen Sisalem (972) (7) 824503
email to: Palestine National Authority: info@nmopic.pna.net
PLO United Nations representative: palestinun@aol.com
Request that this man either be given a trial or released.