Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Sha’ul Mofaz told a closed group of top Central Command officers last week that he sees the Command’s chief mission as preparing for the armed conflict that he feels is likely to break out in 1999. Mofaz told the officers that they should prepare for various eventualities, as “the uncertainty surrounding the diplomatic process is an important factor.” He said that lines of communication with the PA must remain open, and added that the officers should “exhibit understanding for the needs of the Jewish residents of Yesha, who are living under difficult circumstances, ” adding that these must be within the framework of the law.

Comment: Public pressure from among Jewish residents is being felt. It has moved the Israeli government to send up yet another smokescreen forewarning “the uncertainty surrounding the diplomatic process” and counseling “understanding the needs of the Jewish residents.” Our “needs” are appropriate training and weapons to defend ourselves, not “understanding.” All of a sudden the IDF should “prepare for various eventualities.” Why not just say “prepare for war”? Through this deliberate confusing and minimizing of the issue, Mofaz and the Israeli government are revealing Israel’s utter vulnerability.

“_adding that these must be within the framework of the law.” Mofaz was addressing his top Central Command officers, wasn’t he? Was he worried that his officers might take the law into their own hands? What, then, is the meaning of this insinuation, and who was really meant to hear it? This news report is pervaded with disinformation, aimed at soothing the residents of Israel into believing that someone is worried for their security.

The Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza have been abandoned with virtually no weapons, training, community preparation, or even the basic knowledge of what is about to happen. Meanwhile, the Arabs are getting ready, security is getting the rhetoric, and the Jewish people are getting deception, cowardice, and a heavily drugged sleep.