Arafat: “Israel continues to violate the International Legitimacy Resolutions” [demands implementation of 194 – right of return]

Doha/Qatar October 10th Wafa (Official Palestine News Agency), President Yasser Arafat emphasized today, the importance of materializing the alert status of the International community and their positive attitude towards the Palestinian issue, by launching an urgent UN resolution to oblige Israel to ceasefire and stop its aggression against the Palestinian people.

Addressing the Foreign Ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Countries, OIC, convention, in Doha/Qatar, H.E. said that Israel keeps violating the International laws and resolutions by its breaches of the ceasefire and rejecting the implementation of the signed agreements, including the Mitchell Report Recommendations and the Tenet understandings.

H.E. also emphasized the importance of setting a mechanism for observing the ceasefire, by sending International observers to the Palestinian lands in order to stop the bloodshed from both sides, which is an important move to secure the area for resuming the peace process based on the Israeli withdrawal from the all Palestinian and Arab occupied lands, returning to the June 4th 1967 borders, and implementing the UN resolutions 242, 338, 425, and 194, stopping the international double standard policy committed towards the area and some parts of the world.

H.E. emphasized the Palestinian choice of peace as a strategic option, and the peaceful negotiations as the only way to solve disputes, although being targeted with the most vicious and barbaric assaults and attacks while the entire International community is busy with fighting against the heinous International terrorism.

H.E. concluded as saying that the Palestinians are ready to deal positively with the USA and the International position that meets the Palestinian expectations, in order to be free and be able to establish their own independent state, ending the occupation of the Palestinian lands and the holy sites of the Muslims and the Christians.