[IMRA: While the Israeli media presents the Sharm al-Shaykh summit statement as “moderate” statement, an examination of the text finds that it uses terminology that means only one thing: right of return of refugees.

“Just and comprehensive peace within the framework of international legitimacy” and “the Arab rights endorsed by all international legislations” both include UN Resolution 194 – right of return of refugees.]

[FBIS Transcribed Text]
Sharm el Sheikh, May 11 (MENA) – President Hosni Mubarak, Syrian President Bashar el-Assad and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Ben Abdel Aziz underlined the necessity of implementing resolutions of the UN Security Council and General Assembly on the dispatch of a fact-finding panel on war crimes perpetrated by Israeli occupation forces in Jenin.

In a joint statement at the conclusion of their summit late Saturday, the three leaders stressed the need to continue to work on enhancing Arab solidarity in all fields to preserve Arab security on the basis of safeguarding the supreme interests of the Arab and Islamic nation.

The leaders saluted the Palestinian people’s stamina, hailed the heroic intifada in face of the Israeli occupation forces and war machine and condemned the massacres perpetrated by the Israeli occupation against children, women and elders.

The three Arab leaders specifically condemned what Israel did in Jenin.

They also reiterated commitment to the peace initiative endorsed by the Beirut Arab summit, reaffirmed a genuine Arab interest in peace and voiced rejection of all forms of violence.

The leaders tackled the regional and international situation, especially the grave situation in the occupied Palestinian lands and its repercussion on world and regional security, said the statement.

They also discussed the U.S. position as regards the latest developments in the region and the current events in the occupied Palestinian lands in light of Prince Abdullah’s briefing about the outcome of his key visit to the U.S. and his talks with U.S. President George Bush and his administration officials, it added.

The three leaders underlined that the Arab peace initiative is the basis for any Arab action to realise the aspired-for just and comprehensive peace within the framework of international legitimacy, said the statement.

They lambasted the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinians without a humanitarian or legal deterrents, it added.

The Arab leaders called on the world community to back the Arab rights endorsed by all international legislations and to put pressure on Israel to withdraw from all occupied Arab lands to bring in a fair and durable peace in the region, said the joint statement.

President Mubarak, President Bashar and Crown Prince Abdullah agreed on continuing contacts and consultations.