The official Palestinian newspaper of the Palestinian Authority “A-Sabah” in its last internet issue (Mid-May) gives expression to calls by Palestinian refugees in Jordan for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Following are excerpts from a letter distributed by Palestinians who lived in the Ein Karem neighborhood in Jerusalem prior to 1948 and today live in Jordan:

  1. Countries of the world should act to abolish the State of Israel to in order to preserve world peace and its security and to prevent a world war that cause destruction and catastrophe to all humanity.
  2. England needs to change its former decision regarding the founding of the state of Israel and to withdraw its recognition of Israel, in order to atone for its sin against the rights of the people of Palestine (as a result of the establishment of the state of Israel).
  3. The United Nations must rescind the partition resolution 181 (from 1947) and replace it with a decision that will eliminate the state of Israel and return the Jewish immigrants to the countries of their origin.
  4. The Arab and Muslim leaders must stop dealing with the illusions of peace, to respond to the demands of the nations and cease normalization with the “Jewish State” and end all channels opened with it.
  5. The first step to abolish the Zionist entity is to disarm it of weapons of mass destruction, the second and crucial step – agreement by the countries of the Western world to receive the Jews currently residing upon the land of “Palestine”. The third and final step – dismantling Israel and the return of the original residents of “Palestine” to their homes and their land.