Fateh Central Committee hailed Monday President Mahmoud Abbas for his true efforts to form a national unity government which are aiming at ending the current crisis faced by the Palestinian people.

The Committee held today a meeting, headed by President Abbas, in Gaza in which its members discussed a number of issues including the siege imposed on the Palestinian people.

In a statement issued following the meeting, the Committee called upon the Quartet to lift such the siege and resume aiding the Palestinian people.

It also called for putting the decision of the Arab countries to break siege into effect, condemning Israel for not transferring the tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian National Authority.

The Committee called on Hamas leadership to abide by the international, Arab and Palestinian legitimacies.

It also affirmed that the announced calm should be extended to the West Bank,.

The Committee asserted that the reason behind the end of the national dialogue on forming a unity government was Hamas’ inflexibility and its rejection of the Arab, international and Palestinian legitimacies, affirming that Fateh is all ready to support the formation of a government that would help end the sufferings of the Palestinian people and enrich the Palestinian unity.

It stressed it has no preconditions on the issue of forming a government that would help lift the siege and sanctions, announcing it will support initiatives calling for ending the current crisis.

Following examining the recent statements by the Israel Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, the Committee stressed that just and comprehensive peace is the option of the Palestinian people, calling for resuming the peace talks between the Palestinian and Israeli sides on the basis of the international legitimacy’s resolutions: “242, 338, 149, 1515 and 1397,” which stressed on withdrawing the Israeli forces from the lands occupied in 1967 and establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as a capital.

The Committee asserted that the PLO is ready to start negotiations with the Israeli side on the final status issues, rejecting the ideas of partial solutions or establishing a state with impermanent borders because “this will not help make peace.”

It also said that the prisoners’ issue is one of its top priorities, affirming it will save no efforts to until all the Palestinian prisoners are released.

[Abbas had a choice to make: Israel or Hamas. He has made his choice]