February 2nd, 2007

The Honorable Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg Guest of the City of Sderot

Dear Mr. Bloomberg

It is an honor to welcome you here today to the city of Sderot.

I am a resident of Sderot, having been expelled from my home in Elai Sinai, which had been a thriving Jewish community on the northern border of Gaza.

Today, Arab terrorists from the Al Aksa Brigades, commanded by Machmud Abbas, AKA Abu Mazen, fire missiles at my home in Sderot from the ruins of my home in Elai Sinai.

There is no sign that they will stop shooting their missiles, with one purpose in mind: to kill Jews and to take over the next piece of what they call Palestine – the Negev region of Israel.

Mr. Bloomberg, two years ago we pleaded with our friends in the United States of America – DO NOT SUPPORT THE PLAN TO SURRENDER OUR JEWISH COMMUNITIES TO TERRORISTS.

Tragically, we were proven to be correct.

Please bring our concerns to the President of the United States and to all of the people of the United States – not to aid and abet Palestinian terrorists, not to ever again support plans to surrender Jewish communities to the hands of terrorists and not to restrain Israel from fighting back.

After all, if New York faced a torrent of missiles from Canada, it would be hard to imagine any resident of New York who would show restraint.

Wishing you and your family a pleasant visit to Israel

Avi Farchan Temporary Address: 10 HaRakefet, Sderot, tel. 057 5767816 Permanent Address: 12 Aleish Sinai, Gaza Coastal Region