Monthly Archives: June 2007

Arab Intelligence: Al-Qaida Leading Gaza Battles

Senior intelligence officials in Egypt and Jordan have warned the Israeli media that terrorists from al-Qaida are directing the bloody battles in the Gaza Strip. They say that al-Qaida was behind the violation of the Mecca agreement, which led to the establishment of the Palestinian national unity government.

The Legacy of Shimon Peres: Durban Renewal

As Israel reels from the British academic boycott against it, the gathering of NGO's under the UN banner in 2001 in Durban, South Africa has not been forgotten. At that precedent-setting conference prominent Israeli, Palestinian...

Durban Renewal: The Continuing Anti-Israel Stance In The Middle East

At a time when Israel reels from Great Britain's academic boycott, the precedent of the Durban, South Africa, gathering of NGOs under the U.N. banner in 2001 - when renowned international, Israeli, Palestinian and International NGOs first gathered to unite behind the specious idea that Israel represents a racist apartheid entity - has not been forgotten.

U.S., Israel Clash Over Saudi Issue

Tempers between the two sides flared, prompting Israeli officials to threaten to mobilize AIPAC and causing American officials to bar Israel's return to the Joint Strike Fighter project until further notice.

Views From Sderot

During the normal daily news coverage of the Kassam missiles that have hit Sderot, Israel (pop. 24,000), the human side of what people go through is often missed.

Views From Sderot

During the period described as a cease-fire, Nov. 26 - May 15, Sderot and the southern region of Israel were struck with more than 300 missiles. Photo essay by Noam Bedein.

B’tselem Projects Tendentious and Unsubstantiated Image of Israel

A leading Israeli-initiated but foreign-funded "human rights" organization -- published a report which claimed that 50% of Palestinian detained by the Israeli security officials were tortured. This internationally publicized report relied heavily on "eyewitness...

Israel Frustrated Over Egypt And Arms Smuggling

The Israel Defense Ministry is growing increasingly frustrated with Egypt's active role in the refusal to find a solution for the continued arms smuggling into Gaza, leading some senior officials to estimate that Cairo might just be interested in "seeing Israeli blood spill."

Iranian Sponsorship of Fatah

As the Palestinian internecine violence in Gaza becomes increasingly severe, alarm in Israel and the US about what is going to happen there grows apace. The prevailing wisdom, promoted for some time now, is...

Has The U.S. Decided Against Attacking Iran?

The Middle East Newsline reports from U.S. administration sources that President George Bush has decided that, barring a "catastrophic development," the United States would not attack Iran.