Jerusalem – Six hundred Iranian Shihab-3 missiles are aimed at targets across Israel, and they will be fired at their targets if either Iran or Syria are attacked, reported the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Web site on Monday.

“Six hundred missiles will be the first part of the response,” reported the Iranian news Web site Assar Iran. According to the report, the missiles were placed in position on Sunday evening and they are also aimed at a number of points where American-British coalition troops are operating in Iraq. Apparently, this is a reaction to the statements made on Sunday by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who warned that the world needed to prepare for war with Iran. The commander of the Revolutionary Guards said that the new model of the Shihab-3 missile had a 1,500-mile range, which could strike at Israel from every launching point in Iran. Until now it was known that the Shihab-3 missile had only a 1,000-mile range.

Bolton: North Korean Scientists Were Probably Killed In Syria

In an interview to Israel’s leading newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said that North Korea’s coming to the defense of Syria is very out of the ordinary.

“North Korea does not express its opinion and does not intervene in the turn of events in the Middle East,” Bolton said. “My assumption is that the North Koreans got into the picture because technicians and scientists of theirs were either killed or injured in Syria.”

Bolton continued: “The question of whether Syria was party to the nuclear facility is still a question, but the tracks left by North Korea are clear and sharp. It isn’t likely that Israel would risk an offensive operation because of a weapons dispatch from Iran to Hezbollah. Hezbollah has been well-armed in the year that has passed since the Second Lebanon War, and Israel has other ways of dealing with that armament.”

Bolton said that the North Korean support for Syria was additional proof that it had been party to the targets. Bolton said, “The North Korean news agency issued a statement of support for its own domestic needs, but that leaked by accident.”

Bolton also expressed his belief that it is likely that the Iranians were also party to the nuclear targets: “I don’t think that Syria would cooperate with North Korea without Iran’s participation or approval. The question is whether North Korea is collaborating with Syria on its nuclear program or whether it is merely renting facilities on its soil. I think that we need to look at the triangular connection of North Korea-Syria-Iran and not be indifferent about it. It doesn’t make sense for Syria to take those actions on its own.”

Neo-Nazis Assault Woman Holocaust Survivor In Haifa

The neo-Nazi gang uncovered a few weeks ago in Petach Tikva caused a shock wave throughout Israel. Now the police in Haifa suspect that a similar gang is active in their city too, after two cases of violence were discovered in the Neve David neighborhood.

Rivka Zagaron, a 75-year-old concentration camp survivor, left on Monday for her usual morning stroll. As she reached the bridge that connects the neighborhood with the beach, near the Meridian Hotel, she saw two young males. “As I approached the steps, they arrived and began shouting ‘Heil Hitler!'” she said later. “One of them kicked me and the other cursed me. I managed to get away but then I saw the one who assaulted me beating a cleaning worker. I never thought that in our country I would hear ‘Heil Hitler!’ I was lucky not to need hospitalization or medical treatment.” This morning police will visit Zagaron and show her mug shots of possible suspects. Neighbors in Neve David said they had heard “Heil Hitler” being shouted late at night, and similar complaints were received from residents in the nearby Hadar neighborhood.

Another couple in Neve David, the Rodinskis, had a swastika scratched on their car. “I came out of my house one morning to get into my car, and I saw that all the air had been let out of all four tires,” Valentin Rodinski said. “I was in shock, and then I saw what had been scratched on the car.” An investigator from the crime scene laboratory visited the Rodinskis, and the police are investigating.

Nazi Salutes At Haifa Military Academy

There was shock at the prestigious Reali High School in Haifa when an outstanding student was shown in a video clip giving the Nazi salute, dressed in his military academy army uniform. Three clips were discovered, and in one of them the student is seen teaching his 8-year-old sister how to give the Nazi salute.

The prestigious Beit Biram military boarding school, where students also attend the Reali High School for their non-military studies, trains the IDF’s future officers. Chiefs of the general staff and ministers of defense have graduated from Beit Biran. It was one of the current 12th-graders who placed the three clips showing his shocking behavior on the Web.

For some time the clips gained popularity on YouTube. But when he encountered tough responses from his friends, he hastily removed the clips from the Web, but not before Yedioth Ahronoth had learned about them.

Commanders and teachers at the school were shocked. “He is a model student, an outstanding, high-quality student, who puts a lot of effort into his studies,” one teacher at the boarding school said on Monday. “He did something very stupid and admits it and is sorry. The picture is undoubtedly very bad.”

A former instructor at Beit Biran said, “There has been talk about such things going on in the rooms, but I didn’t know it was really happening. I’m in a state of shock. I have to say it’s revolting. People like that are not fit to wear uniform.”

Teen: ‘In Ukraine I Was Taught To Spray Swastikas’

Is neo-Nazi activity taking place also in Migdal Haemek, the city that serves the central Galilee region?

A 17-year-old boy was arrested on Monday after confessing to having spray-painted swastikas all over the town. He said he did it because that is what they taught him to do in his home country of the Ukraine.

He was caught after he came to the local police station and complained that a resident had beaten him up. Police visited the home of the suspect but learned very quickly that the dispute broke out because the complainant had sprayed a swastika on the other’s car.

Israel Police Superintendent Charles Bar-Ziv said the arrested youth confessed to four other cases of swastika spray-painting in the town. His favorite choice of location was in bomb shelters.

The suspect is an orphan who came to Israel five years ago. He said that in the Ukraine he was taught to spray swastikas as an act against the Jews and that he had done it in Migdal Haemek out of boredom. The youth was remanded in custody. Bar-Ziv said he is suspected of Holocaust denial, which carries a maximum five-year sentence. The police are checking whether he had accomplices and whether there is a neo-Nazi cell in the town.

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