By focusing attention on Israel and its crimes, Europeans, American admirers
ignore Islamic war against Israel, global jihad.

It was a stunning moment of moral clarity. As the South Vietnamese refugees
clambered onto rickety boats in the South China Sea to escape the victorious
Communists, the American Left that orchestrated the US defeat through a
sustained campaign of propaganda and fake calls for peace stood silent.

As Pol Pot, the “progressive” dictator tortured and murdered a third of his
people in Cambodia, the leftists “peace” activists in the US and Europe who
never saw a US military operation that was justified, turned a blind eye.

The silence of the likes of Susan Sontag, Jane Fonda, Noam Chomsky and their
fellow travelers came to mind last week when the Western media and
intellectual elites averted their gaze as Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, the long
exiled spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood spoke before a crowd of
millions at Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Qaradawi, who had been living in exile in Qatar during Hosni Mubarak’s
reign, became an international jihadist superstar thanks to Qatar’s
unelected potentate Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani who gave him his jihad
indoctrination show on Al Jazeera. From his internationally televised
soapbox, Qaradawi regularly preaches international jihad and genocide of
Jewry to millions of fans worldwide.

Two important things happened during Qaradawi’s appearance in Cairo. First,
his handlers refused to allow Google’s Egyptian Internet revolutionary Wael
Ghonim to join the cleric on the dais. For anyone willing to notice,
Qaradawi’s message in spurning Ghonim was indisputable. As far as the
jihadists are concerned, Ghonim and his fellow Internet activists are the
present day equivalent of Lenin’s useful idiots.

They did their job of convincing credulous Western liberals that the
overthrow of Mubarak was all about sweetness and light.

And now they are no longer needed.

The second message was Qaradawi’s call to destroy Israel. With millions of
adoring fans crying out “Amen,” and “Allahu Akhbar,” Qaradawi called for a
Muslim conquest of Jerusalem – that is, for the destruction of Israel. As a
first step, he demanded that the Egyptian military open the Egyptian border
with Gaza.

In the dismal tradition of its Vietnam-era teachers, today’s international
Left had nothing to say about Qaradawi’s genocidal speech. In the New York
Times’ write-up of Qaradawi’s triumphant return to Egypt for instance, the
murder-inciting cleric was referred to as a champion of democracy and

Leftist writers like Peter Beinart have spent the better part of the past
month whitewashing and belittling the significance of the Muslim

The same Muslim Brotherhood that was founded in 1928 and got its first boost
from the Nazis who funded their anti-Jewish pogroms in Cairo and Alexandria
in 1939 is seen as nothing to worry about. US President Barack Obama’s
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper assured Congress that the
Muslim Brotherhood is largely secular. This is the same Muslim Brotherhood
whose motto is, “Allah is our objective; the prophet is our leader; the
Koran is our law; Jihad is our way; Dying in the path of Allah is our goal.”

THE SAME Left who champions Qaradawi as a liberal is absolutely adamant that
the revolutions now raging throughout the Muslim world are a mere sideshow
to the region’s chief drama. The revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya,
Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Oman, Morocco and Saudi Arabia are nothing. And the
anti-regime protests in Iran have no strategic significance whatsoever to
the West, which is mortally threatened by the mullocracy.

Who cares if the Arabs are ruled by tyrants, democrats, jihadists, or
fascists? The only thing that matters is that “Palestine” is free of Israeli

How can anyone get excited about the future of the oil-dependent global
economy when Jews still reside in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria
and Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem? The Left’s essential indifference to
the plight of hundreds of millions of Arabs and its significance for the
West was exposed in a news analysis by Brendan O’Neill in The Australian on
February 16. O’Neill noted that whereas the demonstrators in Cairo were
fairly silent on the issue of the Palestinians, anti-Mubarak demonstrations
throughout the West prominently featured anti-Israel slogans and chants of
“Free, free Palestine!” O’Neill concluded that the contrasting messages,
“reveals something important about the Palestine issue…. [It] has become
less important for Arabs and of the utmost symbolic importance for Western
radicals at exactly the same time.”

Actually, it is important to Western leftists and jihadists, which is why
the Palestinians only became a salient issue in Egypt after the Muslim
Brotherhood began taking control over the opposition movement with Qaradawi’s
sermon on February 18.

IN A groundbreaking study of the propaganda war against Israel entitled “The
Big Lie and the Media War against Israel: From Inversion of Truth to
Inversion of Reality,” published in Jewish Political Studies Review in March
2007, Joel Fishman showed that the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda war
against Israel, like the Left’s propaganda war against Israel, relied
heavily on Nazi propaganda against Jews. The early partnership between the
Brotherhood and the Nazis, brought together by Palestinian Arab leader and
Nazi agent Haj Amin el Husseini imported European anti-Semitism to the
Muslim world. Beginning in the early 1950s, Nazi war criminals immigrated to
Egypt. There they recreated much of Josef Goebbels’ anti-Semitic propaganda
operation for Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Fishman also documented how in the aftermath of World War II, and
particularly after Israel’s victory in the Six Day War, the Soviets adapted
Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda to demonize Israel as the new, collective Jew
and in turn demonize the collective Jew as the new Nazi Germany.

Two sources fed the Soviet anti-Jewish/anti-Zionist propaganda machine:
former Nazi propagandists in Egypt; and former Nazi propagandists employed
by the East German Communist regime. According to Fishman, the messages
developed by these ex-Nazi propagandists were the basis for the Soviet
campaign to delegitimize Israel which began in earnest after 1967. The call
to arms was published first in a Pravda editorial in October 1967. There,
Zionism, the Jewish national liberation movement was reviled as dedicated to
“genocide, racism, treachery, aggression, and annexation…all
characteristic attributes of fascists.”

With both the Soviets and the Arabs spewing the same inverted message, it
didn’t take long for it to become the rage in Europe. Europe’s adoption of
the Nazi-inspired propaganda in which reality was inverted and Israel – the
victim of Arab imperialist, genocidal aggression – became the imperialist,
genocidal aggressor was facilitated by France’s embrace of the Arab camp
after its withdrawal from Algeria and effective withdrawal from NATO.

By 1975, with the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the Soviet-Arab
sponsored resolution 3379 defining Zionism as racism, most European
governments had fallen in line with the Soviet-Arab propaganda war.

They in turn spent the next generation bringing their message to America.

TODAY, THAT message has become the sum total of Europe’s Middle East policy.
From their massive global funding of anti-Israel NGOs, to their financing of
anti-Zionist films, plays, art exhibitions and educational curricula
throughout the world and their bankrolling of the Palestinian Authority, the
Europeans have put their money where their mouths and well-washed brains

As Norway’s plan to run the Israeli embassy out of Oslo because its security
measures annoy its neighbors; to European authorities’ refusal to provide
police protection for their threatened Jewish communities; to initiatives
like the Dutch Parliament’s current bid to outlaw Jewish ritual slaughter
all make clear, hatred of Israel runs seamlessly into outright governmental
aggression against Jews.

So too, as The Guardian’s recent onslaught against the PA for its leaders’
willingness to make minor compromises with Israel in the framework of a
peace treaty demonstrates, mainstream forces in Britain and throughout
Europe now side openly with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in their
annihilationist war against the Jewish state.

It is this obsessive campaign against Israel that explains the so-called
Middle East Quartet’s insistence that the most urgent item on the
international agenda is coercing Israel to surrender land and rights to the

Whereas the EU cannot figure out a coherent policy regarding Libya even as
Muammar Gaddafi massacres his own citizens and sets fire to his oil fields,
Europe’s leaders are unified in their firm conviction that the so-called
“peace process” must be reinvigorated.

So too, the Obama administration remains incapable of lifting a finger to
prevent an Iranian proxy from taking over Bahrain or a consortium of
al-Qaida terrorists from taking over Yemen. Obama refuses to take any action
to help the Libyan people overthrow Gaddafi. As for Iran, Obama maintains
his steadfast refusal to take any action to help the Iranian people
overthrow their nuclear-proliferating, terror-supporting regime. But at the
same time, the president and his advisors are absolutely committed to
coercing Israel to block Jews from building homes in Judea, Samaria and
Jerusalem and ensuring that everyone is clear that Jews have no legitimate
right to our capital city and historic heartland.

As for the Left itself, as Ron Radosh reported in Pajamas Media this week,
attendees at J Street’s annual post-Zionist confab could barely muster
polite applause for the mildly Zionist MKs from Kadima that spoke at the
conference. But they broke into raucous applause when Arab and Jewish
anti-Zionist speakers proclaimed that all progress in the region is tied to
Israel ending its so-called “occupation.”

AND THIS brings us back to 1975, to the boat people in the South China Sea,
the killing fields in Cambodia, and the Left that couldn’t care less about
them. It could be argued that the Bill Ayres, Howard Zinns and Jean Paul
Sartes of the world can be forgiven for their decision to side with the
Soviets and their Third World proxies against the US and the Western
alliance. After all, they had nothing personal at stake.

The Soviets were not threatening their freedom. And what did they owe to
“unprogressive,” “reactionary” people from Southeast Asia who agreed with
America that Communism was evil and wished to be free? But the situation is
different today. By waging its war against Israel through Palestinian
proxies, the West threatens itself. The Nazi propaganda recycled by the
Soviets which has enslaved the peoples of Europe and much of America’s
intellectual elite has not only turned them into willing participants in the
new war against the Jews. It has turned them into instruments for their own

By focusing their attention entirely on Israel and its imaginary crimes, the
Europeans and their American admirers ignore the fact that the Islamic war
against Israel is itself a proxy war for global jihad.

That war, informed by the same Nazi propaganda, but refined through the
prism of Islamic Jew hatred and totalitarian imperialism, does not see
Israel’s destruction as its ultimate aim. The jihadists, whom the West so
happily ignores and whitewashes, have made it absolutely clear that
destroying Israel is but the first skirmish in their great war. Their
ultimate aim is the conquest of what remains of Western civilization.