[Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: Under the “quiet for quiet” arrangement at the end of the last round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, there are absolutely no limits on what Hamas can do in the Gaza Strip to enhance its capabilities. Cynics might note that this approach by Israel reflects how it typically works with a planning horizon measured in hours, days, weeks and at best a few months. As long as not much is fired at us the fact that all these weapon are being added isn’t particularly troubling. We can even take comfort in the thought that they aren’t shooting at us because we have achieved “deterrence” when it could be that they are, as our leadership likes to put it “picking the time and the place.”

But what of “Iron Dome”? By definition, there is a numerical limit to the quantity of rockets it can intercept. So the more rockets they have, the greater the odds they can exhaust the Iron Dome capacity.]

Hamas manufacturing rockets that can reach Tel Aviv
Terror group testing medium to long range M75 rockets that can reach Tel Aviv metropolitan area
Yoav Zitun YNET Published: 07.15.13, 12:47 / Israel News,7340,L-4405206,00.html

Hamas is testing medium to long range missiles that are designed to reach Tel Aviv, Ynet has learned. The group manufactures its own 8-inch M75 rockets and stores them in special caches in the Gaza Strip.

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Monday that while there is calm in Gaza, Hamas continues to enhance its capabilities “less through tunnels and more through self-production.”

Nevertheless, the terrorist group is interested in maintaining calm in the south that has persisted in the eight months since Operation Pillar of Defense, partly due to pressures from Cairo.

Last month Hamas thwarted a protest flotilla that was meant to leave Gaza en route to Europe with Gaza-made produce and textiles.

The group wants to retain the power to decide on the next round of violence and is taking steps against rival factions in Gaza such as the Iran-funded Islamic Jihad.

During the course of Operation Pillar of Defese, Hamas fired several rockets at central Israel. One of those hit a residential building in Rishon Lezion leaving two people wounded. Severe damage was caused to the building.