The Hurva: Destroyed by Arab Legion, 1948. Rebuilt by Israel, 2011

Who remembers? Between 1949 & 1967, Arabs outlawed all Jews from the Old City of Jerusalem, a policy which ended in 1967, when Israel opened Jerusalem to all religions. Yet for the past 46 years, Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem has been under attack.

An intrigue behind the “peace process” is a plan to wrest Israeli sovereignty from Jerusalem.

The Arab League and the PLO speak openly of their irrevocable goal to gain control of ALL of Jerusalem, while the US and the EU will not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem.

At the same time, the EU “settlement boycott” targets Jerusalem, including the ancient Jewish Quarter, the Jewish Temple Mount with its Western Wall, and the 3000 year old ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, while a plethora of Non-Governmental Organizations operate in unison to nullify Israel sovereignty over Jerusalem

THE FILM will convey a practical message:

How to recognize and thwart the effort to remove Jerusalem from Israeli sovereignty. The viewer will receive a clear message: The threat to Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem is imminent, existential, and real.

The movie will inspire thoughtful action to preserve Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.

The film itself will produce short segments to be marketed through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, to reach an audience of millions. The film will feature interviews with Jerusalem’s religious leaders and show the historic and recent footage of Jerusalem that will illustrate Israel’s existential battle for sovereignty over Jerusalem..

The film production team will include.

A retired Israeli Security official, now a fellow at The Truman Center at Hebrew U,.

An American Investigative TV Reporter.

A top Israeli Druze TV news reporter.

The launch of the film will be at The Begin Center and The Cinemateque, in Jerusalem.

A top PR firm will be hired in New York to assure major media placement for the film.

A special fund has been created to finance the film, which will cost $50,000 to produce and promote.

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