Nothing is predictable in politics and international events, especially in this part of the world. However even a novice could have foretold that those who tried to destroy Israel in 1948 and have been trying ever since then to finish the job, would make sure to scuttle the latest misnamed peace talks and prepare the ground for laying the blame on Israel’s doorstep.

One does not have to be a genius to discern the repeated pattern of outrageous demands, outlandish historical distortions and unremitting refusal to accept the validity of a Jewish homeland. Even in the two countries which currently have peace treaties with Israel, there is a strong undercurrent of denial evident which one day in the not too distant future may lead to mayhem.

Another factor which is constant is the amazing ability of many to ignore reality and forge ahead as though nothing untoward is amiss. Combined with this serious psychological flaw is the certainty that there will be those who blame the Jewish State even when it is the actions of its adversaries which are the cause of continuing conflict. Creating an even more predictable scenario are those Jews and organizations lining up to lay blame whilst ignoring such inconvenient facts as rockets being fired against Israeli communities, failed kidnappings of Israelis and continuing hate and incitement. Naturally attacks against Israel by Jews are eagerly picked up by the international community which somehow makes it more kosher.

This phenomenon is nothing new because all through our long history we have suffered from the same malaise. Whether is was Herod sucking up to the Romans, court Jews in the Middle Ages who thought that their loyalty and devotion to whatever despotic ruler they served would ensure the safety and welfare of the local Jewish community, those in Europe over many centuries who believed that their patriotism would guarantee security to Jewish communists who sold their soul to Stalin, right up to advisors today in various democracies, the end result was and is the same. In most cases it means bending over backwards and engaging in contortions to prove their loyalty. If that means blaming Israel today thereby demonstrating an unblemished record of devotion to whatever political correctness prevails then so much the better. It follows that those whom they advise gladly use this to blame and bash us.

The latest manifestations are clearly on view following the Palestinian Arab antics. They calculated with certainty that whatever their behaviour they would escape major blame and that it would be Israel which copped the fallout. Moreover they knew that those Jews and Israelis who are burdened with guilt over the fact that we have survived 66 years of statehood would ride to their rescue. Thus it has transpired exactly as predicted.

Martin Indyk is a classic example of how Jews in high office perform in order to prove their undying loyalty to masters whose policies towards Israel are antagonistic, to put it mildly. His past track record should have alerted people as to what might be expected but nevertheless as John Kerry’s side kick who was tasked with achieving the unachievable, his performance this time around surpassed anything that might have occurred previously. I have no doubt that he acts in good faith according to his preconceived convictions but the bottom line is that it is definitely not to our benefit. The goal of establishing yet another terror state, this time inside Judea and Samaria, is a total recipe for disaster. The Obama. Kerry, Indyk obsession with this aim is shared by most of the international community and quite a few of our own politicians. Facing reality should mean that this can only be achieved at the cost of Israel’s security and the safety of its citizens. Nothing that has been floated so far can guarantee we will not be the continuing targets of terror which will make normal life intolerable and pose a lethal threat to our population centres, airport and infrastructure. Moreover the hallucinatory schemes to divide Jerusalem and trust the Palestinian Arabs to ensure religious freedom for Jews are so detached from actuality that one can only wonder how and why they are continuing to be peddled as sane visions of peace.

It is a common symptom of those who do not want to be confused by facts, that they ignore them and plough on regardless. When the inevitable crash occurs and it is obvious except to the most blind that the unattainable cannot be attained, instead of blaming themselves for this failure, it is usually better to blame the intended victim. Therefore it came as no surprise when “leaks” started to flow as soon as the recent talks collapsed. From Kerry’s poof moment to anonymous murmurings from unnamed sources (later revealed as Martin Indyk) the major blame was heaped as predicted on Israel. Ignoring the real underlying reasons and instead obsessing on red herrings they managed to not so subtly tarnish Israel and present it as the main culprit. There is no better tactic to demonstrate one’s patriotism than to “stick it to the Jews” and in this respect the script is running true to form.

As if by magical co-incidence, Newsweek published a tendentious story of Israeli secret agents climbing through ventilation shafts in order to bug American politicians and this of course unleashed a whole series of conspiracy theories. It seems Israelis are being denied visa free entry to the USA because they are suspected of spying en mass on Uncle Sam. Needless to say the US does not bug any other country – it is only Israel which features. These series of unverified accusations leave a trail of noxious poison in their wake which the media and those dedicated to Israel’s delegitimization propagate with undisguised glee.

Another manifestation of the “peaceful” intentions of those whom Indyk and company believe are peace partners, occurred a few days ago when the official PA daily newspaper published an op-ed which included the following words of brotherly love and tolerance (as translated by PMW):

“Israel’s creation is the greatest crime known to humanity. Sixty six years ago a monstrosity was born. Israel is an occupying terrorist state based on biblical myths. Israel’s Foreign Minister Lieberman is a liar, son of a liar, from a terrorist Khazar dynasty, immigrant thug from Moldova, with no right to be in occupied Palestine..”

My simple question is this: when can we expect some Indykation that these almost daily messages of hate and delegitimization are unacceptable and that they represent the real obstacles to peace?

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.