Consider the contrast: 

“All terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm” 
Council of the European Union 15.8.2014 

The following statement by Secretary of State John Kerry has NOTHING CLOSE TO THE EU call. 

Mr. Kerry talks of reconstruction but “peace and security, without terrorist attacks, without rockets, without tunnels” is relegated to “the next phase”…”future of the region”…”long term solution for Gaza”. 

But bluntly: which comes first? the Messiah or the removal of the rockets? 
Statement on Today’s Cease-fire Agreement 
Press Statement 
John Kerry 
Secretary of State 
Washington, DC 
August 26, 2014 

We strongly support today’s cease-fire agreement, and call on all parties to fully and completely comply with its terms. We hope very much that this cease-fire will prove to be durable and sustainable, that it will put an end to rocket and mortar attacks, and that it will help to bring about an enduring end to the conflict in Gaza. 

As soon as calm is restored, the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance to the people in Gaza must be accelerated, and the United States and the international community are fully committed to supporting this effort. We are also prepared to work with our international partners on a major reconstruction initiative, with appropriate measures in place to ensure that this is for the benefit of the civilian population in Gaza, not Hamas and other terrorist organizations. We look forward to coordinating closely with President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority on these critical efforts. 

Over the course of the last few weeks, we have continued to work in close coordination with the Egyptians, the Israelis and the Palestinian Authority, and others in the region to arrive at this moment of opportunity. I want to commend the Egyptians for their role in hosting the negotiations in Cairo and for continuing to work to reach agreement on a cease-fire. 

We are all aware that this is an opportunity, not a certainty. Today’s agreement comes after many hours and days of intensive discussions about how a sustainable cease-fire might provide the space and the opportunity to address long-term issues. I have assured both Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas that the United States is ready to continue our engagement in that effort. 

We are approaching the next phase with our eyes wide open. We have been down this road before and we are all aware of the challenges ahead. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians have strong views about their needs and the future of the region. Certain bedrock outcomes, though, are essential if there is to be long term solution for Gaza. Israelis have to be able to live in peace and security, without terrorist attacks, without rockets, without tunnels, without sirens going off and families scrambling to bomb shelters.  Palestinians also need to be able to live in peace and security and have full economic and social opportunities to build better lives for themselves and for their children. Getting there will not be easy, but it is the only path to a future that the people on both sides deserve. 
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