There is most certainly a lot that can be written about what has transpired in the last over fifty days and its ramifications – military, diplomatic and of course political, but I fear that this firestorm may divert our focus from the “ball” that is very much in play in the coming days – a possible United Nations Security Council Resolution relating to the Gaza Strip. 

We come to the United Nations after an unprecedented diplomatic achievement. 

“All terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm” 
Council of the European Union 15.8.2014 

And don’t think for a minute that this was a minor matter. 

The call for disarming the terrorists wasn’t linked to anything else. 

Not to “progress” in resolving the underlying Arab-Israeli conflict. 

Not to the provision of economic or other benefits to the Gaza Strip. 

The European Union simply stated flat out that “All terrorist groups in Gaza must disarm”. 

So what about the United Nations Security Council Resolution relating to the Gaza Strip? 

Let’s not get ourselves caught up in the never ending debate as to who or what is a terrorist. 

Let’s also not have wording that, unlike the EU declaration, somehow makes disarmament contingent on other things taking place. 

Let’s strive for simple and straightforward wording. 

For example: 

“All missiles and rockets in Gaza must be removed or destroyed.” 

A reminder: 

The agreements that the PLO signed with Israel prohibit missiles and rockets in Gaza altogether. 

The PLO itself has not demanded the right to deploy rockets and missiles in the sovereign Palestinian state that it strives to establish. 

And yes, it most certainly does matter if the United Nations Security Council declares that “All missiles and rockets in Gaza must be removed or destroyed.” 

Please take note: there is a huge difference between calling to bar the importation of missiles and rockets and calling for the removal or destruction of all the missiles and rockets already in the Gaza Strip. 

Properly handled, such a UNSC Resolution should lead to an implementation program following the concept the Syrian chemical weapons removal program, including setting numerical goals and timetables. 

A program that also addresses the removal or destruction of inventories now in Gaza of elements critical to the production of rockets and missiles. 

A sure thing? 

Nothing is a sure thing. 

But the United Nations Security Council Resolution is THE ball in play for the coming days. 

There will more than enough time to engage in the post mortem of Operation Protective Edge after a UNSC resolution is passed. 

Right now – let’s keep try to score a much needed goal at the UN. 

Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis) 
IMRA – Independent Media Review and Analysis