One of the problems we face these days is the inability to recognise reality even when it smacks us in the face.

Very few people expect politicians, especially those who manage to get themselves elected to Parliament, to acknowledge hard facts especially when these run counter to preconceived fantasies or contradict perceived political correctness. After all, most politicians are desirous of preserving their perks and those few whose honesty comes before expediency are thin on the ground.

The current situation exemplifies exactly how once again seemingly intelligent individuals whether political, academic, journalistic or just a brainwashed public can succumb to the most inane nonsense. We have seen this right throughout history and unfortunately the Jewish People have most often been at the receiving end of this insidious and persistent malady.

In order to clarify exactly what we face let me try to explain it in as simple a way as possible so that even the usual suspects who condemn Israel and offer gratuitous advice which endangers every citizen can perhaps understand it.
Here are three definitions which it is vital to internalize if one is to even begin to see what must be done.

  • TRUCE: “an agreement between enemies to stop fighting for a certain time.”
  • LULL: “a temporary interval of quiet.”
  • ARMISTICE: “an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time.”

As at the present moment the only two Arab/Moslem countries which have signed a peace treaty with Israel, thereby recognizing the legitimacy of borders and guaranteeing an absence of war are Egypt and Jordan. That means Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the Palestinian Fatah/Hamas Authority as contiguous neighbours of the Jewish State are either in a state of armistice, lull or truce with us. In effect they are still in a state of war and according to the above legal definitions they reserve the right to recommence hostilities at any time. Other Arab47;Moslem States in Africa as well as Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia do not recognize our legitimacy and thus can be deemed as enemies.

Some of them are on record as inciting our demise and some provide the wherewithal for terror groups to act as proxies in a war of attrition.

Those in the international community who deliberately turn a blind eye and deaf ear to this are as guilty of and complicit in the murder of Jews whether in Israel or elsewhere as the perpetrators themselves. Those politicians and so called statesmen and women who because of political correctness cannot bring themselves to condemn and act against the terror groups and hate organizations which threaten to engulf not only Israel but all civilized society are latter day appeasers who would rather sweep the problem under the carpet.

Let me spell it out clearly. Those countries and terror groups which engage in terror and hate against the Jewish State have declared war on us. Any illusory period of quiet is merely temporary until they can find the ways and means to deliver a fatal blow and bring a final solution to the democratic State of the Jews. A truce, lull and armistice which have officially existed since 1948 is an ever present danger because it signifies that those who refuse to make a permanent peace are determined to destroy us, something they have tried on a regular basis since 1948.

Once we internalize this reality the solution becomes clear. No country should be forced to live with terror and destruction hanging over its head. Those who declare themselves at war with Israel must face the inevitable consequences. At the same time we must be firm and clear as to our course of action. In a war situation only one side can win. Churchill knew that which is why he told the British people the only way to defeat the evil of Nazism was to fight until the Germans and their allies surrendered unconditionally. There can be no compromises when faced with unadulterated hatred and an ideology which promotes death.

Hamas, Hezbollah and all the other associated merchants of Islamic terror which are plotting and causing genocide in various parts of the world must be sent a clear message. No truce, lull or armistice can be contemplated during which time, as history should have taught us, an artificial fake peace is used to restock, rearm and regroup for the next inevitable round.

Unfortunately this lesson is ignored by those who should know better. Thus, North Korea was allowed to develop nuclear capabilities and export rocket technology as well as threaten its southern neighbour. Taking their lead from a confused and defeatist White House & amp; State Department, the rest of the democracies at the UN have allowed terror groups to flourish and cause misery and mayhem in many countries. Resolutions and feeble minded gestures will not save millions from rape, pillage and murder. Illusory declarations of lulls, ceasefires, truces and armistices will only embolden these genocidal forces of hate.

It is therefore sickening when Israel which is on the frontline of combating terror actually takes steps to stop this scourge is pilloried, condemned and pressured to desist.

Now is the time for Israel’s leadership and Jews worldwide to issue a resounding clarion call rallying the forces of democracy and human rights. Instead of being threatened with international censure Israel should be congratulated for standing up to terror.

We are at war. It is as simple as that. We cannot and dare not falter because at the end of the day unless these terrorists and their State sponsored supporters are unconditionally defeated we and our children will never be able to live in peace and tranquility.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.