1. David-I finally got onto the site and re heard your 10 minute report….My comments follow: We Jews have a far greater degree of tenacity of 2000 years waiting for our homeland to re appear….. It is a different kind of tenacity- It has love…. As far as winning a greater -longer round with Hamas..I see BB and his pals as the real ongoing problem with having greatly divergent goals regarding the potential results of PROTECTIVE EDGE (and all previous forays into gaza by the IDF) . The Knesset boys want a good night’s sleep , to hell with settlers near gaza and Jewish blood once again, appears cheaply valued by them……..while on the other hand… the population of Israel wants to clean up gaza for good. Im with the latter group and the likud hudna of the last 2 weeks has simply re anesthetized the hot to trot IDF crowd into their previous passivity. . That is also a shame. Now BB is re directing everyone’s attention onto hizballah,not hamas and simply let the 3rd failed chapter of the gaza cancer go another future round… More than anything else…. This is a propaganda war from within Israel (applied onto Israeli citizens )and what happens until Israel gets the leadership to face gaza and finish them off is what is really the hot but diminishing agenda here. Im very radical. Ive heard of an arab Israeli biologist looking for that separate gene that a chemical/viral agent that will kill off Jews and not arabs. To that sicko consciousness I add that if Israel developed and ebola like vaccine and did not provide it to gazans… the final solution would take effect. Gazans would quickly flee gaza if this were the case..No one need die just leave…Demonic ? Yes. Sometimes I think Meir Kahane might have been the moshiach ben yosef… Our creator has been slow on the draw to help us in the last century (and I submit that the shoah was his will-but sadly)… So,I have no idea what to expect from him and fear that miracles are slow in coming.


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