UNRWA media advisor Adnan Abu Hasna has a high-profile job in Gaza.

Here he is with then-EU foreign affairs head Catherine Ashton:

And with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon:


Here is what the Facebook page of  Adnan Abu Hasna looks like, today:

The photo caption says “A despicable Israeli puts his feet on a Palestinian girl. Let this picture reach the entire world in 24 hours. All you have to do is click ‘Share’. “

As we’ve shown, this photo is fake. it was part of a Bahraini street theater.

The photo with the chain mail caption that Hasna shared was uploaded by Ghad.PS newspaper FB page back on April 17.  Hasna shared it on November 8.

Most of the Arabic comments point out that the photo was fake, mostly because the IDF does not use Russian rifles.

However,  Adnan Abu Hasna didn’t bother to read the comments – or he ignored them deliberately. He didn’t think twice about forwarding FB “chain mail.” He saw an anti-Israel photo, and by Allah, he had to follow the instructions to share it.

And he is a UNRWA media advisor!

Why would UNRWA hire someone as a media advisor who propagates lies so easily?

Oh, right. That’s what UNRWA does. Constantly, blatantly, incessantly.

Never mind – dumb question. The real question is how the world tolerates a United Nations agency that disregards the truth so much?

Oh, right. The lies are mostly against Israel. Never mind.

(h/t IronyDome, Ibn Boutros)

UPDATE: It appears I am mistaken. The picture was placed on his timeline by one of his friends. I regret the error. One day I need to learn Facebook. (H/t Bob Knot)