Arab affairs expert Bassem Eid joins VOI’s Josh Hasten to provide in-depth analysis of many issues affecting the Palestinians.

First, in relation to last week’s attack in Duma, which left an 18-month-old Palestinian baby dead, Bassem says that the support shown for the family and condemnations issued against the perpetrators from Israeli politicians across the board is what prevented a major upswing in violence.

Then, Bassem describes his recent trip to Washington D.C. with David Bedein of the Center for Near East Policy Research — where the two met with Congressional staffers to inform them about UNRWA activities. Bassem says his audience was receptive to hearing how UNRWA — which claims to care for Arab “refugees,” and whose biggest financial backer is the US — continues to perpetuate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with hate-education and misappropriation of funds.